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What is ACSC? ACSC is Anti-Chase-Society of Concord! That's right, finally, a society to take out our anger on Chase! So far, there are 3 good solid members. ACSC was founded on January 23, 2005, and it is standing strong. If you would like to join ACSC and hear its benefits, email below! Chase Annoyance of the Day:
This is a post where all the members of ACSC can post thier Chase annoyance, disturbance or method of hatred towards him. Today, January 24, 2005: Chase was being gay online. He was like, "Why did you make a website about me?" I was like, "We hate you!" Free speech- I am allowed to make this website about him, and I am allowed to keep it up, and I am allowed to make a club aganst him, and I am allowed to post anything in the whole world I want. ~Posted By Member #2 Kyle