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"A man is half-insane and half god. He will drive his strength against a mountain and plunge his strength against the sea. He knows the mountain will stand while he breaks himself, and the sea will surge while he drowns in it. Yet this is what makes him a man, half-insane and half god."

Looks like it's been another couple of months without an update. Oh well... I'd forgotten I'd even made this page until I got an E-mail saying someone had signed my guestbook. I didn't even realize people were looking at this. I guess I'll try to update a little more often. I put a couple of new things in the poetry section. If you liked the other stuff go ahead and check it out.

Well I just deleted most of the updates that I've done to this page in the past couple months.... I'm not sure why.... must have iritated me... So I've been really pissed off for the past couple of days.. I'm not sure why about that either... I like how people only want to be around me while I'm happy.. When I get angry or sad everybody just happens to disappear. Thanks a ton assholes. Did you ever notice that when people build up all their hopes and dreams someone comes along and knocks them all down.. That really pisses me off. It didn't happen to me, but I've seen it happen to a couple of people and I wanted to go jack the guy in the face who did it. Come on! Have some fucking compassion man! I mean I'm a major asshole most of the time, but I don't fuck people over royally like that.... What was I about to say... damn can't remember.. Damn! I feel so burnt out and school doesn't even start for another 2 weeks.. I've changed so much over this summer... I really don't think I have the patience to deal with all these rich preps running around like they own the place... I have a feeling I'm going to be suspended a lot this year.. Yeah I haven't seen my girlfriend in a couple days... I'm starting to get a little antsy.. Damn.. I need to get my lisence... Fuck you Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles... Well I've vented enough for now, but I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing again from me soon....

Yeah so I just updated the site and cleared out all of the old crap that was useless.. Stupid Sponsers... you never paid me... Jackasses... Anyway.. I just got a digital camera so all you regulars..(I'm obviously talking to myself since no one ever comes here but me) can look forward to a pictures section in the near future.. Unless I don't update for another 5 months!

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Great discordion site! fnord.
Hey this is Mike's homepage... It's way better than mine.. You should look at it..
One of the few sites dedicated to the greatest shows ever to be created
The coolest site on the net.... Period!
Take a journey through my mind..
Matt's World... This is a friend of mine's page.. but he forgot his password so the site sucks and will go unfinished forever... but just look at it anyway... or don't... doesn't matter.
The Marines
Holy shit!! The best story ever!

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