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Welcome to Transmetal's Domain!

Dinobot's ART(mainly)and links.. whoops, not anymore!

Lookie it's Kyrna from Sinny!
A Pic I drew of Me an' Robo
A Realistic pic of Robo for Robo
My wolfie character Tremblant in a foul mood.
A funny pic of me in beastmode with taily.
Don't know why but I like to draw wolves from sinny. Here's Dot
Robo takin' care of the baddies of Sinny.. hehe
*NEW!* Cooool WolfSketch I did out of boredom! lol
A piccy i drew from sinny of Taily..
A requested pic of Robocop but I think it's funny
Requested piccy for Taily.
Comp-colored piccy of Gatomon.
Gato and Taily, Best Friends 4ever.
A piccy requested by MoonSong! Compy-colored ;)
MoonSong as a Morphic RedWolfie! Cool Comp-colored pic.
Phire and Death in a cute pic! FOOD FIGHT!
*NEW* Dinobot and a passenger on his shoulder(transmetal Firesoul) ;)
*NEW* Special St. Patricks Day comic!
*NEW!*Neato Color-Pencil pic of PupFace!
*NEW!* Cute requested pic of GreyCloud from sinny!
*NEW!* Totally Awesome WolfFamily pic for GreyCloud&her family ;>
*NEW!* My new way ta draw trees! I accidently saved it as
*NEW!* Black Jewel with a I*Didn't*Do*It look on her face :)
*NEW!* After getting whapped with: TRex, Disny CruiseShip, 2Titanics and BlueWhales... *ROTFL!*

Friends List!:D

Ta da! March 13th... I added some more art with.. some more art, and sommore... So much i didn't count! haha.. Well just to say it, I DISLIKE INTENSLY! Don't ask... anywhoo.. I happy I just got a SilverBolt Transformer that I had ordered from ebay :D. hmmm.. Oh yeah, hope you like my art and stuff ;) btw, almost forgot: I do sometimes do pic 'requests' for your basic type animals.. I do just draw what I feel like sometimes too, aka drawing Dot, she didn't ask for the pic and I am not sure if it's right I just wanted to draw it. Got it? If you don't want me to 'just draw your character' please let me know. Also, if you want added to my friend list let me know. And _1_ more thing... you can expect a MAJOR update soon, I'll be getting some new looks here but it'll still be the same ol' place and you can still see the same stuff+more. - TM2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tues da 14th! If you want added to my friends list TELL MEEEEE!!! Also about requesting a pic: I need to know ALL special markings(if any)on your character and his/her colors. You need to let me know if you want it a sketch(which sometimes look pretty cool), just a B&W drawing, shaded with pencil, colored with markers(i don't have too many colors), colored pencils, or colored on the computer(this takes forever.. like that piccy above of Gatomon). Ok? I also need to know what pose like if it's a wolf is he/she just standing there, sitting, howling, angry, sad, cowering... ya know.... well bye again and Taily, I'll fix that pic of FireSoul and get it back up now that I know what she looks like! One more thing.. err.. oh yeah just remembered. You can ICQ me if ya want:54922764. On Sinny I am usually TM2, Tremblant or a secret handle. I have AIM but don't use it much cuz it messes up my comp..(Dinobot13 or Gatom0n), I have MSN but never use it.. I have Yahoo Page but am hardly on(Transmetal2Dinobot). Also EMAIL! And another thing.. uh... oh yeah.. New art is marked with.. wellll, NEW.. lol. -TM2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heya! March 15th.. Well I know your probably like: WOW! YOU UPDATE EVERY DAY! well.. It won't be that way soon... See, I live on a farm/market that my parents made and own. So we do everything ourselves. In winter there isn't much for me to do so I can draw and fix up my site. But we're moving soon.. like the end of.. um.. May? I think. But also Strawberry season starts (that's a VERY busy time) it's like: End of may-early July. Then without a break it's SweetCorn time(July-August), Then we gotta get ready for Pumpkins and the CornMaize!(I love the maze;)And in between AAALLLLLLL that is Mushmelons or however you spell it.. and cucumbers and.. err.. um.. oh yeah, all these little edible and decorative squash and stuff. Interresting huh? Well I'll REALLY try to update at night and stuff but sometimes we don't get in till like 11:00..(I'm saying stuff alot..) So during the time when I gotta help paint our new house(the walls inside)which is the end of the week and packing and moving in I might not update much. I'll still take requests but don't be to impatient, k? 'cuz right after that it's strawberries and then the list above starts! :O -TM2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday the 17th.. HAPPY SAINT PATTIES DAY! :> -TM2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whoo hoo I FINALLY Updated again after like 2weeks! Today is... uh... *looks for a callender..* I think the 26th of March.. All I am mainly putting up right now is summore' pix. A neat one of PupFace that I really am proud of. Incase you are wondering why he has horns...well... here goes: Pup is a 'monster' from Monster Rancher(a PSX game and a show). He is a breed known as HareHound, one of the Tigers. Very cute when little ;) Well chow! Oh wait a sec! I just remembered something! the handles I am using(new ones i mean)are: -Fangs-, Chopper-Face, ScaleBelly, Skull_Face, and -dino-. They are just Transmetal2 Dinobot's nicknames(some of them)from the show and I decided to use them as handles parttime. NOW, later! -'ChopperFace' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27th!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee.. I've currently got 24 pix-linx! More ta' come! -TM2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haven't updated in SOOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!!! It's.... April 11th? I think.. Um.. I have a new art site but the pix aren't up on it yet.. Um... OH YEAH I ADVISE YOU TO WATCH FLINT THE TIME DETECTIVE if you want a laugh!! Also, If you don't konw what Neopets is.. Please click this banner!
taichi got their NeoPet at
hmmm.. Some of my fav songs... the pepsicola theme.. Slide, What If, What's this life for, Otherside, All the small things, ect ect.. I am a major Creed fan.. as to lots of other groups. Well got to go now... Also.. If you go to FurryMuck: I go on as Dinobot. I am usually in the Underground Nexus or under the Bandstand. I own a apartment in Storm Towers on level 3, # 329 if you want to visit me.. I also own a apartment in the Tiger Claw Mall. It's on floor 3 and is #313. -TM2