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T THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY A MESS  and  under construction  don’t even bother lookin at the rest ..   come back some other time


..And The Road Becomes My Bride..
I have Been Stripped Of All, But Pride
So In Her I Do Confide,
As She Keeps Me Satisfied...
..And The Earth Becomes My Throne
I Adapt To The Unknown
Under Wandering Stars I've Grown
By Myself, But Not Alone...
..And With Dust In Throat I Crave
Only Knowledge Will I Save
To The Game You Stay A Slave...........


                 BEFORE                                                                   AFTER    :)

Broken 46RE parts..

Still under construction



Going thru a Waterhole in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey (Dec19 1999), 3 pics in sequence.
        Few Seconds later,
         and Some more seconds later.

 Going thru a mudhole on the Delaware side of the C & D canal
        Coming back from the mudhole

Side shot of truck going thru a waterhole on the Maryland side of the C & D canal

Just a link to a better picture of my truck before the 60, 3 inch body and new tires.

  The only new picture of the truck after the Dana60 F, and 36's

Okay   this is a little about our truck.. Shakira.   We first obtained it   December 28th i think, of 1996. We decided on getting a
1997 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.9 "Sport" in Flame red. Actually we didnt decide on anything, Due to a last minute notice of a job placement,  we were quite in a hurry to get a truck to move from El Paso, Tx to Newark, De. thats approx 2200 miles. about 2 weeks after we got the truck, we towed a pretty large U-haul trailer carrying pretty much our whole house in one shot !. We didnt do much investigation on the 3 big companies. We pretty much randomly picked a Dealership, said i want it for this price, and heres the money, and off we go with a Brand new 97 Ram Tough Pickup.   AND BOY! AM I GLAD WE PICKED THE DODGE. till this day, Shes still running strong. thankfully without any problems. (cept for two, but thats cuz i beat the thing to hell, when i take it wheelin.) Anyways, when i arrived in DE i got the oppurtunity to drive a chevy and ford, and am STILL glad we picked the Ram.

For Sale

Current Mods

1997 Ram 1500 5.9 SB, Extended cab 4X4 Sport,
5"superlift -- Since a few people have asked me, i've included MY report on the 5" Superlift Kit
                                 Different Heights Measurements

3" Trailmaster Body Lift, About the Body Lift
Dana 60F
16.5 inch in the front and 15 inch eaton rims in the rear
36x14.5/16.5/15 and  superswamper Radials
4.56 Axle Gears,
JBA headers,
Dual TrailMaster SSV Steering Stabilizers
K&N 14 inch Chrome Air cleaner
Custom exhaust (Dual Cherry Bombs :),  These things sound GREAT !!!
Milemarker 10,500lb hydraulic winch,Yup, Got a report here too

Winch Mount bumper,
AGR Steering Box
Bushwacker extend-a-fenders( i think)
4 KC daylighters,
Optima Yellow top,
Taylor Vertex 8mm wires,
ACCEL ignition cap, rotor, and coil
Champion truck spark plugs
Cobra CB,
JL AUDIO 3 12w6's Subs,
Precision Power Incorporated 2150 Amp,
Audio Control EQX (equalizer & Crossover), and other audio stuff

Soon to come.. (hopefully)

1.) GM corporate 14 bolt 1 ton rear axle with a Detroit Locker
Dana 70 or 80 Rear with ARB Air Locker or Detroit Locker

2.)Vortech or Paxton Supercharger
3.)a More aggresive Cam / roller rockers
4.)High Flow Throttle Body.
5.)ARB Air Locker for the Dana 60 front.
6.)On board welder and Air Compressor
7.)Polished / Ported Aluminum Heads, whenever they come out.

8.)A four link front and rear susp sys, coils in front and back, ,  new custom made 10 or 12 inches
     over stock coils all around. , and 39" Boggers or 42" swampers of course !
REALLY FUNNY MP3 about sellin car stuff to women.    Check it out!!


If u have any questions or comments  email em to


    You can  INSTANT MESSAGE me, name is  RAGE73838
Also have ICQ my UIN# is    231330

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