Ramblings of a RoHo- my life'n'times, etc...

Since I'm the one and only RoHo, I've decided to keep track of my life and times in this section, titled RoHo's ramblings...

it'll include only really important things, like what I;m doing currently, who I'm with...(like I'd be with anyone but my Crisshun!!!!) etc.

me and Crisshun share...a special bond, A bond so special that we're the only ones who can see it and feel it, which is fine with me. It kind of frustrates me when jessica acts like she's Crisshun's soulmate. It makes me want to scratch her doe eyes out of her head. Me and Crisshun are childhood sweeties too. So that translates into an adult relationship, but I'm not exactly sure how yet.

RoHo's Favorite Moments while in Llanview

. Meeting my Tia Tea in the diner, 'cause it freaked her out when she saw how much I looked her sister in law, AnnaRosa, who later became her sister in a bad situation. I'm not sure how this happened, but it's disturbing. All of a sudden my father was Tea's lover and brother in law, and my mama went from being Tea's sister in law- to her sister. This is a little creepy, dontcha think?

. Posing completely IN THE BUFF for my Crisshun, cause he got to see how much I'd grown up. Plus it really made Jessica mad! I hear she wanted to be his model. *chuckle* YAH. Why would he want her body when he could have mine???

. Sending Crisshun feathers in the mail...cause it was mysterious and sexy, and made him "wonder" about me, like if I was into voodoo, which I am. I also sent him plastic MardiGras beads and my portrait, which we all know is worth like, at least 3.5 million to him.

. Finding out about Jessica's pregnancy. This really was fun. I got in her face, ya know, and said point blank"You're preggo, aren't you Buchanan?" and she got all flustered to think that she hadn't been hididng it well. Like, DUH, Jessica. I'm not an idiot. You have flu like symptoms, are hiding around your house. I was a little worried, thinking Crisshun knocked her up, but he told me he never would sleep with that nasty thang! Ok, he actually said they were "waiting to make love", but same deal.