Legal Mumbo Jumbo & Credit where credit is due...

LISTEN PLEASE!!!! I am in no way affiliated with ABC, OLTL, any of the characters or actors portrayed here (Erika Page, who plays Roseanne most likely has NO idea this site exists, as most people dont). So dont sue me. I'm really poor anyways, so you wouldn't get anything.

ALL PICTURES, SCREEN CAPTURES, ETC, ETC, ETC are NOT mine. I have taken them from various 'Net sites since none of them had a specific copywright saying i couldn't.That, and I dont have a scanner. They are "free net property". Some are from ABC, webpages, better ones than my own actually. If you see one of your pics here, and have a problem with it, I will remove them ASAP. But I always give credit for the various pics at the end of the page. DONT GET MAD AT ME PLEASE!!!

To Paige: who taught me basic HTML
To Kay: who said this WASNT the stupidest page she ever saw
To ANGELFIRE: who makes the easiest webpages in the world!
To the character of Roseanne: it was fun doing this and being RoHo!!!!