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Ideas and Changes

Here will be listed any ideas I have for the page and changes I have made recently. Don't even think for a second that I am remotely concerned about your opinion of these changes or the ideas I have for this page. If there are any doubts as to why, just return to the main page and look at the title of this page. That should explain things for you quite clearly.

Recent Changes

Date Description of Change
November 20 Added linked style sheet, which makes all the links stay the same even after visit. Added another pic to the Petting Zoo. Added some links to the links page.
November 22 Changed messages in button script (again). Added Ideas and Changes page. Added to style sheet. Moved the JAVAscript off main pages.
November 23 Added another pic to the Petting Zoo.
November 27 Yanked the code page due to non-coding types jacking my &*^%. Added the HTML color chart. Added a couple links to the links page. Updated the TEF link. Made some changes to the style sheet. Added a warning for the users of earlier versions of NS, HELLO the software is up to 6.2, do you expect the web to come to a stop just because you won't upgrade?
December 1 Updated links page. Been busy with finals week so I don't get out here much.

Plans for the site

  1. Continue to adding links.
  2. More pix in the Petting Zoo.
  3. Add to style sheet and pull some unnecessary tags.
  4. Finish pulling JAVAscript off pages.
  5. Add an advice page (i.e. Leave the last swallow in the 40 bottle, it is just your backwash anyway and it will taste like *&^%).
  6. Fix anything I break while working on this while drinking.