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This is the Scissor Door Eclipse

These doors are not a "kit" but rather an engineered pnuematic door that has been custom built into the car the paint is a DuPont Harlaquin and flips from magenta to gold.


This car also sports completely shaved "everything" from handels to body lines , and even 4 inches off the bottom of the doors, everything has been shaved to give this car an ultra smooth and sleek look. body kit is a Wings West front with V.I.S racing sides and rear bumper complimented by the Wings West Commando wing.


The front projectors ,clear side markers and tails are all APC Products and the windows were tinted by Cindy's Glass in Wilmington,DE.

Niche 18 inch Spitfires with yokahama parada's help round out the agressive look on the outside of this ride.  for the many that do not know this car was bagged in 1999 making it the first Eclipse in the country to have a sucsessfull bag install.

Here is a close up of the custom air cylinder's used for the custom scissor doors the seats and dash were covered by John Keenan of  Keenan's Custom Interiors of Elkton MD. and the rest temporarilly finished by James (the cars owner) with the intent of going back to Keenans this winter after NOPI.


The engine uses a Hahn stage 2 ,16g turbo kit to make horsepower all powder coating as well as the custom cold air intake done in house and complimented by the JET HOT turbo housing , manifold and down-pipe. a direct port NOS kit is also installed and jetted for a 40 HP shot.

On the inside this car looks anything but stock,infact the ONLY thing left inside that is OEM is the steering column. a dash was cut out of a prowler and frenched into the Eclipse and the custom digital gauges were added along with a DVD player and TV.The gauges directly in front of theshifter measure the air pressure in the bags to keep everything even.
custom door panels and raised floors built by James help give the car a lot of little details that will keep you walking aroud this car for hours discovering new things.


click below links to see old pics of the Eclipse follow its transformation into one of the hottest show cars in the counrty!

 what this car looked like before the interior was done

 what this car looked like before the paint was done

 what this car looked like beofore the doors were done

                                                                                                        Special thanks to:

                                                                                                                    window tinting by : Cindy's Glass
                                                                                                                    custom interior by: John Keenan
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