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Homoeopathy Repertory


Beans and peas aggravate  -  Bryonia, Lycopodium
Bread aggravates  -  Bryonia, Pulsatilla
Bread and butter aggravates  -  Pulsatilla
Butter aggravates  - Carbo veg, Pulsatilla
Cabbage Aggravates  -  Bryonia, Lycopodium, Petroleum
Coffee Aggravates  -  Cantharis, Causticum, Chamomilla,
			Ignatia, Nux Vomica
Cold drinks aggravate  -  Cantharis, Ferrum, Rhus tox
Dry food aggravates  -  Calcarea Carb.
Farinaceous food aggravates - Causticum, Lycopodium, Natrum carb,
	Natrum Mur, Nat Sulph, Nux Vom, Sulphur.
Fat aggravates  -  Carbo veg, Cyclamen, Ferrum, Pulsatilla, Tarax.
Flatulent food aggravates  -  Bryonia, Lycopodium, Petroleum.
Frozen food aggravates  -  Pulsatilla
Fruit aggravates  -  Arsenic album, Bryonia, China, Colocynth,
	Nat Sulph, Pulsatilla, Veratrum album.
Heavy food aggravates  -  Iodum
Milk aggravates -	Aethusa, Calcarea Carb, Calcarea Sulph, China, Conium, Lac. d., Magnesia Mur, Nitric acid, sepia, Sulph.
Onions aggravate  -  Lycopodium
Pancakes aggravate  -  Pulsatilla
Pork aggravates  -  Carbo Veg, Cyclamen, Pulsatilla, Sepia
Raw food aggravates  - Ruta
Rich food aggravates  -  Carbo veg, Pulsatilla
Salt aggravates  -  Phosphorus
Sausages aggravate  - Arsenic Album, Belladonna
Slight of food aggravates  - Colchicum, Sulphur
Smell of food aggravates  -  Colchicum
Sweets aggravate  -  Argentum Nitricum, Ignatia
Tea aggravates  -  Selenium
Warm food aggravates  - Bryonia, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla.
Food Poisoning	- Arsenic Album

Gall stone colic	- Dioscorea, Chelidonium, Cholesterinum
			- Berberis mother tincture (every 15 minutes)
Gastric Ulcer		- Ornithogallum
			- Arg N. (pain under left ribs)
			- Kali Bich (round ulcer of stomach)
Genitals itching	- Ambra
Glandular fever	- Belladonna
Glaucoma, acute form  - Aconite, Belladonna
Glaucoma, double vision, bruised feeling - Gelsemium
Glaucoma, with degenerative changes - Phosphorus
Glaucoma pains - Colocynth
Glaucoma threatened - Ledum
Ganglion on wrist - Ruta
Gangrene, dry, old people - Arsenic Album
Gangrene, starting from injury - Lachesis
Gangrene from boils, carbuncles - Carbo Veg
Gangrene from contusions - Arnica
Gastritis - Ars album, Nux Vomica, Acid Oxalic, Phos, Hydrastis
Gastro-enteritis - Arg N, Ars
Glands, Swelling, threatening suppuration - Belladonna
Glands, indolent swelling - Iodine, Calcarea iodide
Glands, goitre, hard large, suffocative attacks - Spongia
Glands, suppuration of breast - Silicea
Glands, enlargements hard, better heat - Calcarea flourica, Lapis Album
Glands, indurated axillary glands - Carbo animalis
Glands, tumours, growths, effect of injuries to breast - Conium

Glands, enlargements of lymphatic glands of neck and axilla 
	- Merc Sol.
Gleet - Sulphur, Sepia, Nat Mur, Pulsatilla
Globus Hystericus - Ignatia, Asafoetida
Goitre - Calcarea Carb, Lapis albus, Iodine, Spongia
Goitre, exophthalmic - Nat Mur, Lycopus, Thyroidinum
Goitre, anaemia, emaciation, frontal headache, tremor, sweating, rapid
	pulse - Thyroidinum
Goitre of puberty - Hydrastis
Gonorrhoea, acute stage - Aconite, Gelsemium
Gonorrhoea, after localization, purulent discharge, burning 
	- Cannabis Sativa
Gonorrhoea, painless, thick yellow, yellow greenish discharge
	- Pulsatilla.
Gonorrhoea, first stage - Mercurius 
Gonorrhoea, intense sexual excitement, persistent erection, burning 
	- Cantharis
Gonorrhoea, neck of bladder and urethra burns, urine smells of
	violets - Copaiva
Gonorrhoea, lingering cases with prostatic involvement - Thuja
Gonorrhoea, intercurrent remedy - Sulphur
Growing pains - Phosphoric acid

Growing, walking late - Calcarea Carb (fat child), 
			   Calcarea Phos (thin child)
Growing, late learning to talk - Natrum Mur
Growing, late learning to talk & walk - Agaricus
Gravel - Sarsaparilla
Grey Hair - Acid Phos, Hydrastis, Thyroidinum
Grief, effects  -  Cocculus, Ignatia, Phos ac.
Grinding of teeth - Cina
Groin abscess - Silicea
Gums receding - Ammonium Carb.
Gums, Pyorrhoea - Carbo Veg
Gums desire to press together - Podophyllum
Gum, sore to touch - Paint with Plantago mother tincture
Gout, Chronic, nodules - Ammonium Phos
Gout, great toe swollen - Colchicum
Gout, acute, burning, itching, swelling - Urtica Urens
Gout, Uric acid diathesis - Benzoic acid
Gout, ball of great toe swollen, sore, nodosities - Ledum
Gout, worse before storm - Rhododendron
Gout, all joints - Staphysagria
Gout, ailments due to  - Aurum Met.
Gum boil - Merc Sol, Phosphorus, Belladonna
Haemoglobinuria - Phos, Picric acid.
Haemophilia - Nat Sil, Phosphorus
Haematuria - Cantharis, Hamamelis, Nitric Acid
Hair greasy - Thuja, Kali Sulph
Hair on chin of women - Thuja, Ol.f.
Hallucinations - Stram., Bell.
Hair falling - Ammonium Carb
Hair fall due to syphilis - Ustilago, Fluoric acid
Hair fall due to dandruff - Thuja
Hair fall with dryness - Kali Carb.
Hair, bald spots on side of head - Graphites
Hair fall due to weakness - Acid Phos, Carbo Veg
Hair fall with itching, matting - Vinca minor 
Hair fall after child birth - Carbo Veg
Hair fall after chronic headache - Ferrum Phos 6x 
Hair, fall of moustache - Bacillinum
Hair fall from head, eyebrows, eye lashes, genitals  - Acid Phos
Hair fall from Pubes - Acid Nitric.
Hair white early - Thyroidinum 30, Jaborandi
Hair white, liver problems - Lycopodium
Hair white, growth of child fast - Acid Phos. 
Hair white, External application - jaborandi Mother tincture with
				       Coconut Oil. 
Hair white, general remedy - Wiesbaden
Hay fever - Arsenic Album, Sabadilla, Allium Cepa
Haemorrhoids - Nux Vomica, Aesculus, Hamamelis, Aloes, 
		   Acid Muriatic
Haemorrhage, passive, painless, dark, offensive - Secale
Haemorrhage, continuous passive, cold, blue, skin - Carbo Veg.
Haemorrhage, nose bleed - Trillium
Haemorrhage, clotted flow, worse motion - Sabina
Haemorrhage accompanied by nausea - Ipecac
Haemorrhage uterine - Hamamelis
Haemorrhage, profuse flow causing fainting, post partum - Chin
Haemorrhage, acute, anxiety, fever - Aconite
Haemorrhage, relaxation of entire capillary system - Bovista
Head, constant nodding - Aurum Sulph
Head lice - Nat Mur, also bathe in Sabadilla lotion.
Headache - Biochemic combination No.12
Headache, gastric, constipation - Nux Vomica
Headache due to fatty, starchy food, better cold - Pulsatilla
Headache, throbbing - Belladonna
Headache, band across forehead - Ignatia
Headache, sick, settling over right eye, women - Sanguinaria
Headache, gastric, bilious, seventh day headache - Iris V.
Headache, due to exposure to sun, throbbing - Glonoine
Headache due to eye strain - Gelsemium
Headache, occipital - Cocculus
Headache left sided, pains neuralgic, settles over left eye - Spigelia
Headache, students, sensation of head flying off, neuralgia 
	- Cimicifuga
Headache, head seems enormously enlarged - Argentum Nit
Headache splitting - Bryonia
Headache, little hammers seem striking head - Natrum Mur
Heart beat intermits, irregular, weak, stitches to scapula - Kali Carb
Heart affections from rheumatism, oppressed breathing, slow, irregular
	feeble pulse - Kalmia
Heart, weak with horrible smothering feeling - Kali iod. 
Heart feels as if squeezed in a vise or alternately grasped and relaxed 
	- Lillium tigrinum.
Heart trouble with continuous cough as soon lies down - Laurocerasus
Heart, organic disease with sympathetic irritative cough - Naja 
Heart troubles of the aged with dropsy - Asparagus
Heart, palpitation with indigestion - Nux Vom, Carbo Veg, Pulsatilla 
Heart, tightness across chest - Cactus 
Heart, throbbing headache, flushed face - Belladonna 
Heart, noise disturbs - Agaricus
Heart palpitation and pain - Spigelia
Heart, flatulence pressing - Carbo Veg
Heart, weak - Ammonium Carb
Hemiplegia - Cocculus, Oleander, Bothrops
Hernia, useful in all hernias - Nux Vom
Hernia abdominal with hydrocele - Calcarea Carb 
Hernia abdominal - Cocculus
Hernia, scrotal - Magnesia Mur.
Hernia, umbilical of infants - Nux Vomica
Hernia - Sepia, Tellurium
Herpes (prepuce) - Aspar, Nitric acid
Herpes Zoster - Rhus tox
Heart affections
(need expert handling) -	Digitalis, Cactus g. Kalmia, Spigelia, Cimicifuga, Rhus tox, Bryonia, Bryonia, Aconite, Lachesis, Collinsonia, Lillium tigrinum Arsenic Album.
Heels aching better elevating feet - Phytolacca
Hemicrania	- Sanguinaria (right side)
		- Spigelia (left side)
Hiccups - Nux Vomica
Hiccups, loud, noisy - Ignatia, Asafoetida
House maid's knee - Sticta
Hurry, disposition to  -  Arg N., Aur., Lil t., Sulph acid, Nat M.
Hydrocele, left side - Pulsatilla
Hydrocele, right sided - Rhododendron
Hydrocele with eczema - Graphites
Hydrocele, caused by injury - Arnica
Hypertrophy of heart - Aconite, Arnica, Cactus, Causticum,
    Crataegus, Digitalis, Iberis, Naja, Rhus tox, Spongia, Veratrum V.
Hypertrophy of heart (uncomplicated) of athletes - Arn., Brom.,
	Caust., Rhus tox
Hypochondriasis - Nux Vom., Gratiola
Hydrocephalus - Helleborus, Apis mellifica
Hysteria - Ignatia
Hysteria, sensation of ball in throat - Asafoetida
Hysteria, fainting - Moschus
Hysteria, uncontrollable laughter, nymphomania - Tarantula Hispana.
Hysteria, haughty mental outlook - Platina
Hysteria, sleepiness, bloating, dryness of mouth - Nux Moschta
Hysteria, nervous excitement - Gelsemium
Hysteria, scanty menses, seeks sympathy, weeping disposition 
	- Pulsatilla.
Hysteria, sudden emotions, passion, nervous dread - Kali Phos.
Hysteria, boisterous excitement - Belladonna.
Insect sting, localized penetration, pain, irritation - Ledum
Insect sting, bee/mosquito, redness, swelling, pain, urine suppressed 
	- Apis mellifica
Insect sting, soreness, shock - Arnica
Insect sting, to prevent infection apply externally - Calendula tincture
Insect sting, external application for deep penetrating sting 
	- Ledum tincture
Insect sting, external application to reduce pain - Hypericum tincture.
Impotence - Lycopodium
Impotence, temporary because of injury - Arnica 
Impotence, phobia - Arg Nit
Impotence, early stage - Agnus C
Impotence, older age, prostate possibly enlarged  -  Sabal Serrulata
Incontinence of urine 	- causticum
				- Ferrum Phos (inability to control)
				- Baryta Carb (Senility)
				- Equisetum  (infection)
				- Sabal serrulata  ( enlarged prostate)
				- Apis (scanty urine)
Influenza - Nosode Influenzinum
Influenza, commencement  -  Gelsemium
Influenza, soreness and aching of body  -  Eupatorium perfoliatum
Influenza, sneezing  -  Sabadilla
Influenza, to cut short attack  -  Arsenic Album
Influenza brought by damp cold, sore throat, cough  -  Dulcamara
Influenza, rheumatic symptoms, worse dampness, restlessness 
	- Rhus tox
Influenza, profuse watery discharge  -  Allium Cepa
Influenza, headache, thirst, `dry coryza' - Sticta
Influenza, weakness after  -  Phosphorus
Influenza prophylactic  -  Thuja 200 once a week.
Insomnia, tension, fast reactions - Coffea
Insomnia, studious, ambitious, overwork, coffee drinking - Nux Vom
Insomnia, care & nursing of relatives  -  Cocculus
Insomnia, overactive mind, restless sleep  -  Passiflora tincture
Insomnia, flatulence, worried about business  -  Lycopodium
Injuries to soft parts  -  Arnica
Injuries, wounds, soreness, pain  -  Calendula
Injuries of ligaments  -  Rhus tox
Injuries to nerves  -  Hypericum
Injuries, punctured wounds  -  Ledum
Injuries, black eye from blow of fist  -  Ledum
Injuries, sprains, bruised pain in bones, joints, cartilages  -  Ruta 
Injuries to bones, for formation of callus after fracture  -  Symphytum
Injuries, clean cut wounds, surgical operations  -  Staphysagria 
Injuries, chronic effects - Arnica, Conium, Natrum Sulph, 
			      Stront Carb.
Injuries, mental effects  -  Glonoine, Natrum Sulph 
Injuries, prostration  -  Acetic acid, Sulphuric acid

Insanity - Aurum Metallicum
        	- Anacardium, Belladonna, stram, Hyos, according to 		   symptoms
		- Hyos (talkative & obscene)
		- Baryta Mur (excessive sexual desire)
		- Melilotus (wants to run away)
		- Platina (haughty females)
		- Syphilinum (washes hands very frequently)
Irregular intermission of beating of heart and pulse when lying on left
	side  -  Natrum Mur.
Irregular menses  -  Pulsatilla, Conium, China
Itching, worse heat of bed, thirstless  -  Pulsatilla
Itching, dry, dirty, greasy skin, itching in flexures  -  Psorinum
Itching eczema, burning, better heat, thirsty patient - Arsenic Album 
Itching, worse when wet, burning  -  Sulphur
Itching, worse cold  -  Hepar sulph
Itching, worse undressing  -  Natrum sulph
Itching of skin in aged persons  -  Bar. ac.
Itching of ankles  -  Nat. Phos, Selenium, Sepia, Ledum.
Itching of bends of elbows, Knees  -  Selenium, Sepia
Itching of feet, legs  -  Bovista
Itching of soles of feet  -  Ananth., Hydrocot
Itching of genitals  -  Ambra, Caladium, Sepia
Itching of hands, arms  -  Selenium
Itching of orifices  -  Fluoric acid
Itching of thighs  - Zinc met.
Itching of webs of fingers, bends of joints  -  Psorinum
Itching better by cold  -  Berberis vulgaris, Graphites, Mezereum
Itching better by scratching  -  Oleander, Rhus tox.
Itching better by warmth  -  Arsenic album, Petroleum, Rumex
Itching followed by bleeding, pains burning  -  Ars. Album, Croton
						     tiglium, Sulphur.
Itching followed by change of site on scratching  -  Staphysagria
Itching worse by exposure to cold air  -  Hepar Sulph, Natrum Sulph,
 	Oleander, Petroleum, Rhus tox, Rumex
Itching worse by scratching  -  Ars. alb., Mezereum
Itching worse from undressing  - Alumina, Arsenic Album, Jugl.C,
 	Kali ars., Mezereum, Nat Sulph., Oleander, Rumex, Sulphur.
Itching worse by washing with cold water  -  Clematis, Tab.