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WeLcOMe 2 ~*GlW-tkJ'*~PlaCe!

RVR Ѣe iMbL, RVr Ѣe quick! RVR Ѣe 'rud m pshOdli gLWtϢK!

HEy evErY-1 tHiS pAge iS DoWn RiGhT NoW cUz LeTs FaCe iT, iT HaSnt bEen uPdAteD in a YeAr oR sO aNd EvErYoNe SeEmEd To HaTe it BeEry MuCh *sniff* sO iLL Be MaKiN A nEw oNe SoOn oN ThE SaMe AdDy, CuZ i HaVe gRowN Up AnD LeArNeD hOw To SpEll BeTtEr (for all the people giving me shit about it!) sO KeEp A LoOk oUt 4 MaH NeW ImPrOvEd SiTe uP SoOn! ~*keep it loud and keep it proud*~