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Prayers for them all from The Olde Way

September 11th is a day in the history of the United States that we will never forget. I still recall that horrendous day. I had gone to the grocery store that morning, having never even turned on the radio or television. My boyfriend & I were walking along, chatting, laughing, shopping, when his cell phone rang. It turned out to be my mother who is in her late 70's, calling, upset about the events of that morning.

Well, at first, I didn't believe her. I thought she was joking, but eventually realized that she was too serious for it to be a joke. My next thought was that she had finally lost it & was getting senile, alzheimers perhaps. Does that tell you how unbelieveable I found the idea that someone had flown airplanes into The World Trade Center & The Pentagon area? To think that I would actually believe that my mother had gone off the deep end overnight rather than believe that we had actually been attacked here on our own soil!!

When it finally dawned on me that she was lucid, I looked all around me to see if anyone else in the store seemed affected. They did not. It upset me so much, however, that I walked out right then & there, leaving all those groceries behind. The first place I went was to my daughter's school to see how they were handling it. They had already vacated the school, so she was on her way home to an empty house. She is, after all, 13 so I didn't panic but I went straight home to find her all confused & worried. So I talked to her first, calmed her down, & then turned on my tv. And there it was!!

Devastation!! In America!! In NYC, where some of my best friends lived. Directed at The Pentagon in my country! I watched this for days, weeks even & still can't get over the horror of all those innocent people being slaughtered. My prayers were many & tearful that week. They still are, as I pray for many more that have had to go and fight for our country, for our freedom. I pray that they all come back safely!

My opinion on this war really doesn't matter much in the big scheme of things, nor does anyone elses' for that matter. It's a fact in the making. We are at war! Due to senseless slaughter of millions of Americans, there will be senseless slaughter of millions more, some innocent, some guilty, some ours, some theirs. That's war, my friends. It's a sad thing to have to come to but necessary for we can't just sit back & let this happen. If we did, then everybody & their brothers would be taling murderous potshots at us. That's not what we stand for. We are not cowards! We fought to get here, fought to keep it, fought to build it, & now we must fight to sustain it. In honor & with courage. Those are our babies out there, fighting against these horrors, fighting to take down the Taliban & bin Laden & countless other terrorists that would see us all dead in the name of Allah. Allah...who abhors death & violence. God. Goddess. Ours, theirs. His/Her name doesn't matter. Call our Creator what you wish: God, Goddess, Allah, The Great Spirit, etc, He still does not stand for murder. He stands for love.

But He was no COWARD either. He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, & everyone in it, for their wickedness. Did He turn the other cheek & hope these sinners would think kindly & with more love in their hearts? NO! He did not! Did the Goddess allow the Fomors to take over & rule in the days of olde? NO! She did not! For evil must NOT be allowed to prevail & what these terrorists are doing is evil. Just the way that they treat their own people is evil itself, & the women....I pray for them...every day & every night. We will triumph! The souls cry out for justice & it must be given to them.

I have no mercy in me for the evil of the Taliban or bin Laden & those that follow him. What they do is wrong. What they do is not at the word of matter what they call him. May it be done quickly & with minimal tradegy to other innocents, none at all if possible, but may it be DONE!!

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