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Each moose antler sculpture is the product of an appreciation for nature, combined with artistic creativity and technical skill. Many hours of selection, preparation, and finishing go into each piece of artwork. Carving the scene or figure is a delicate, time-intensive process performed by hand with the aid of power driven bits. The light interior area of the antler exposed by the carving process is left in its natural color and texture. The dark exterior of the antler is polished with paste wax to bring out the natural color and beauty.

My antler sculptures are original "one of a kind" pieces of artwork. Limited only by size and thickness, the antler is a challenging medium that allows for creating unique, intricate sculptures from one continuous piece.

Moose antlers are bone consisting mainly of calcium and phosphorus. Antlers are grown by the male moose only and are shed every winter. Nutrition, animal age, health, and heredity determine the size, shape, and color of the antlers. Exterior coloring is also affected by the animal rubbing the antlers against tree bark and sap, and in the dirt. The antler interior is naturally creamy or gray in color. Antlers are often scarred or even broken when sparring or doing battle. No two antlers are alike. The antlers used for these carvings come from Canada and Alaska, which produce some of the best quality and most interesting antlers in North America.

In addition to carving, Bill also teaches others how to carve, through moose antler carving seminars throughout the country. My hope is that you will enjoy these works of art as much as I enjoy creating them.

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