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Martin's wellnesstips

1. Never awake a sleeping hamster. I need enough sleep for my health and beauty.

2. Hamsters need enough room for their nightly activities. I have a glasscage of 24 x 32 inches (60 x 80 cm) and a ladder to leave it. I have a big room (10 x 10 feets or 3 x 3 m) to run and climb over night and in the morning I go back into my cage where I have my little hamsterhouse to sleep over day. So I even don't need a hamsterwheel.
3. Pay attention that no cat has access to my room. 
Also schould there be no high object (more than 1 foot/30 cm) where I could climb up and fall down. I have rather thin bones.

4. Hamsters need animal proteins. I like most a little spoon of strawberry or hazelnut yoghurt twice a week or a bit of cheese. Other hamsters may like dryed scampis, ham, curd or meal worms. Don't give me more than I can eat at once. I shouldn't store it.

5. Don't bath me. Indeed I can swim but I don't like it and I could catch a cold.  Besides I'm a selfclearing pet!