Our story so far:

Few of our previous names:

The original band was in the very beginning called Heart break hotel and after that there have been several others (as embarrasing ones) too... Reetta, Sanna and Paula met at 3rd grade and became friends. They found school boring (no surprise there) and started to hang out at the music class. Reetta played the piano and and Sanna drums, and soon after Reetta converted to guitar and Paula was introdused to bass.

They began rehursing their own song in the 7th grate. Among the firts songs were Love me, Just he, Black world and Gruesome. At that time the girls started gigging.

The name Ladyland was taken after a serious accident which accured during the recording of the 5th demo of the band. Reetta recieved an electrick shock that day and was admitted to hospital. The girl's good friend and mentor who widnesses the accident said: "This is like Jimi Hendrix's Electrick Ladyland. And the girls thought the name Ladyland was just the right one for them.

To date Ladyland has played at Kajaani, Kuopio, Kuhmo, Hyrynsalmi, Iisalmi, Vieremä and Ristijärvi.

Ladyland has also been active in other kind of music related business. They organized a festival called Kruunurock at Kajaani, the festival has, to date, been held three times.

Ladyland has not been gigging since Paula left the band 18.2 -2000. After having seen an add in a Finnish music-magazine Soundi, Johanna called Reetta and got together with the others. Johanna joined Ladyland 3.3 -2000.