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1000 Web Site Tools is a solid all-round webmaster resource that lists such free services as hosting, promotion, web graphics, fonts, Javascripts, CGI, script collections, guestbooks, counters, HTML editors, graphics software, and much more.

123-Webmaster is a fantastic directory that showcases hundreds of resources for webmasters, listing everything from free counter services to free web hosting.

Bravenet Internet Services offer a number of customisable interactive tools that can be implemented into your website. Their range includes free counters, intra-site search engines, guestbooks, classified ads and greeting cards.

Click-on.to provide a free URL redirection service that can reduce your URL from http://members.company.com/~yourname/whatever.html to a much shorter, http://click-on.to/yourname. This obviously makes your URL easier to remember and to repeat, which could help you to generate more visitors.

CustomPost allows you to add a customized message board to your website for free. CustomPost makes it easy for webmasters to adjust the appearance and some of the functionality of the message board to best integrate the board with the rest of the site. These boards are remotely hosted, and thus do not demand cgi-bin access on your side.

CyberName offers a URL redirection service that allows webmasters to utilise a short domain name, such as YourName.Web-Page.net or YourName.GamesPage.com in place of their existing unruly address. The service is especially useful to those who wish to change service providers, while retaining the same address. Using the service does require that you allow Cybername to trigger a popup Javascript banner ad every time your homepage is loaded, however.

Direct.at provide a URL redirection service that allows webmasters to substitute a shorter, permanent URL for their own. Current URL headerd include fullspeed.to, getit.at, direct.at, warp9.to and more, where your URL would look something like http://fullspeed.to.mysite.

Domain Zero Get your free domain here. You pay nothing. You own it. You control it and there is no banner ad on your web site. They require you to sign up for around 15 newsletter-type services that are advertisers but the service actually does give you a name that you choose for yourself if it's available.

Draac.com is home to several free web-building courses for webmasters of beginner and intermediate experience levels. The site also features numerous cut-n-paste snippets of HTML, CSS and Javascript source code that can freely be incorporated into your own work.

e.Tel builds live headline news, sports scores & market information Java tickers that can be quickly and easily integrated into your site's content for free, adding an up-to-date element to your design that will keep visitors coming back.

EuroFreebies have developed a CGI-based mailing list system that they are offering to sites at no charge. Participating sites do not need cgi-access or knowledge in order to use the system, as all scripts are hosted at EuroFreebies. Your mailing list can be maintained via a web-based control panel, that allows for message composition, imported addresses and more, while providing useful, customisable statistics. This is a great way to keep people coming back to your site.

Everyone.net offers Plug-in-Portal services such as Plug-in-Email, Plug-in-Search, and Plug-in-Community that give your visitors a reason to return! Their Plug-in Email service has become incredibly popular for its ability to offer your visitors their own web-based email accounts with an address based on your domain name (ie membername@yourdomain.com).

Free Gbook offers free remotely-hosted guestbooks to webmasters. These can be incorporated into your site easily, and without requiring cgi-bin access.

Free Graphic Land provides a collection of links to some of the Net's hottest free webmaster reources, whose position on the site is decided according to the number of votes that each site has generated. Submit your site!

FreeGuestBook hosts countless free, personalised, guestbooks. Each guestbook can be customized with options such as unique background wallpaper, graphics, a return link and even a midi atmosphere track. Overflowing with personality and practicality, these guestbooks are hugely beneficial to webmasters without CGI access.

Free Guestbook is a new Web site providing free guestbooks, of course. Their free guestbook service is especially useful for webmasters who don't have access to a CGI-bin, since the actual guestbook is hosted at Free Guestbook's server, though it can be integrated into the design of your page and customised to some extent.

Free-Javascripts.com provides webmasters with access to an ever-expanding range of free cut-n-paste Javascripts. Each of their scripts are designed to both enhance one's site with dynamic, interactive elements and to allow for easy customisation, so that the scripts blend effortlessly into the page layout.

Freedback.com allows you to add free fill-out forms to your site. These can be used to gather feedback and information, and to encourage interactivity from your visitors. The Freedback service does not demand any knowledge or access of CGI.

FreeWebmaster.com is a free webmaster resource directory listing more than 1700 links to sites offering free graphics, software, site submission, hosting, site tools, awards and more. They also feature a search engine submission tool that will send your data to 65 engines/directories at once.

GL|dev is a quality webmasters' portal site that presents links to an extensive variety of free online tools and webmaster resources - all within the space of a few clicks.

GlobalGuest Voting Polls allows webmasters to add an interactive web poll to their site, allowing visitors to vote on a designated topic online.

Guestbook.nu provides a service to both give away customizable free guestbooks (requiring no CGI knowledge or access), and a webmaster promotion program whereby webmasters can refer customers to the site and if the referrals sign up to receive a free guestbook, a link to the referring webmaster's site will appear on the top of the guestbook, for many satisfied visitors to see.

Hits4me.com provides webmasters with access to a number of free interactive tools to enhance their web sites. These include guest books, top 50s, web polls, search engines and more.

The Informed Webmaster's Choice is a searchable directory of absolutely free high-quality webmaster resources and tools to help you manage your web site. All utilities, programs and sites are carefully selected to ensure quality.

JavaScript Mall presents a range of free scripts that can be cut-n-pasted into your website, as well as free interactive JavaScript tutorials and a collection of handy tools for both webmasters and websurfers.

JumpList has developed a feature allowing webmasters to take control of unruly external link lists. Using JumpList grants the webmaster control over their links, allowing him/her to assign new and hot status to the appropriate links, while guarding against expired links. The list is presented in a dynamic, expanding format on JumpList's server, but can be easily modified to represent part of your site.

mine.at offers the choice of three short and catchy top-level URLs that redirect users to your site. Replace that tedious address with http://mine.at/whatever, http://yours.at/whatever or http://everything.at/whatever. This is a free service, but requires users to accept an ad either on a delay page, popup window or in an ad frame.

Monster Crawler is a mega meta-search engine that delivers results from six of the Web's hottest search engines with one click! What's most interesting about this service, though, is that webmasters may add the Monster Search technology to their site for free.

MyReply.com provides webmasters with a free autoresponder. As such, webmasters can direct visitors to their autoresponder address, which sends the visitor a pre-written email, automatically, for free. My Reply do not place any limitations on the number of hits that you send, and their service allows you to update your message online.

Responders.net provides webmasters with the tools necessary to set up forms on their sites, with form submission results being emailed to the webmaster. Responders.net claims that the process of adding such a form to one's site can be completed in 60 seconds.

Strange News is offering webmasters the opportinity to place a free news ticker on their page - providing up-to-date news bulletins and fresh, automatically-updated content to your site's visitors. The ticker also helps increase your traffic as your site will automatically be placed in the SponsorSite webring.

Tealnet.com is a popular provider of free guestbooks that are profanity-proof and time efficient.

TIM (The Internet Mind) is a free meta-search engine that you can place on your site for free, giving your users access to the Web using the combined results of more than 50 search engine systems. Search results are displayed in a new browser window, ensuring that your visitors never have to leave your site. Simply cut and paste a brief HTML tag into your website code in order to employ this technology.

Tutorial.com has tutorials on HTML, Perl, C++, DHTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, XML, Delphi Programming and more.

webGFX provides an infinitely useful service to webmasters who lack sophisticated graphic design software. Within minutes of visiting webGFX, you can walk away with a series of fully customized logos for your website. And these aren't the boring, grey automatically-generated logos that you may be used to from such online services, these are graphics featuring options such as reflections, shadows, transparencies, outlines, textures, gradient fills, font type and size selection. This service is highly recommended.

Website Abstraction has developed a categorized collection of javascript applications that webmasters can add to their page at no charge.

Web Spider provides all the free tips and tricks you need to spice up your Website. Includes free tutorials that cover aspects of Web design and promotion, as well as a range of free Javascripts, free custom animated banners and more.