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There are many Java Applets from various authors on the web that offer them for use on your web pages. (If you click the picture above, it will direct you to the author's website) Things like this can help you build clientale or visitors. We can put them on your site for you. These applets are free. Check the links below to see a little of what we can add to your site for free. These are just a few examples of what we've done for other customers. There are way too many to list here. Some of these are on different web sites we've designed and they may be Graphic Intensive, so please be patient and wait for them to load.

Do you like snow? Deer? Click here!

Lake Applet plus DigiArt by Our Partner Site

Try out this DHTML Puzzle! Can you put it back together?

Pool Applet
Make it move yourself by running your cursor through it.

Another Java Applet from Durius.
It spotlights your images.

We can put a chat room on your web site.
Check it out here.

Or we can put news or free e-mail on your page like we did here:CLICK HERE

We can use special effects like this or the ones below, just for fun.
Click here to see a neat Java Applet. Then follow the directions.

Lake Applet 1

Another Lake Applet here

Fortune Telling X-Ball

Musical Keyboard you can play on your computer keys

There is much, much more like search engines, weather, polls, or greeting cards.
Just e-mail us and tell us what you want.
E-mail us if you like what you see or
with your questions. We'll be more than happy to answer them.


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