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Check this section for freeware downloads from time to time. If you find any broken links, please e-mail me here: E-mail me Thank you for visiting Shadowfire Graphics Design. Don't be strangers now, ya'll hear? Click the link at the bottom to go back and see more of our sample designs.

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Colorcast FX: Many Digital cameras don't reproduce the nature colors. The grass is dark, almost black instead of green, the houses have some blue cast... ColorCastFX changes the colors to match original and create perfectly balanced image.

Irfanview: is a small fast image viewer that supports just about every image format you can think of, it is a small exe that has no dll's or other system files. It has multiple animated gif support it even has support for wav, mid and rmi sound file formats. In my opinion it is simply the best freeware image viewer available. Get it. And get all the plug-ins too! And while you're at it, why not visit the author's homepage!Visit the author here!

Download Irfanview
Download all the plugins

Yankee Clipper Plus: Multi-task clipboard. Great for copying all those little snippets of code you need especially if you're in web design. Major features- Saves past 100 clipboard entries, handles unlimited amount of boilerplate texts, URL aware- links copied to clipboard can be instantly launched, has a "Load and Shoot" function to paste text anywhere. Can float on top of other applications for fast pasting. No size limits for "clippings' This is a simple program to understand and use Has a global hotkey to make the application visible when hidden. This new version is totally re-written in C++ (A much more powerful programming language.) and uses MUCH less memory/resources. Free- totally, no strings attached Free.

DC Enhancer: Digital Camera Enhancer does the hard job of noise reducing, skin smoothing and automatic balance control for you. And it is free! The purpose of the program: The program works best if you have bad light condition (indoor, shadows etc..) and your image is somehow off. So if some of your images are already fine, you won't see much difference. One thing makes DCEnhancer different from other tools - reducing the noise and skin smoothing algorithm. It makes DCE ideal for making cool portraits and close-ups!

Web Tutor Tutorials: Easy to use web page authoring tutorials covering basic and advanced web page design. The tutorials are in HTML format so you can go through them with your web browser. If you've never created a web page before, the basic tutorial will guide you gently though basics of HTML. And, if you know the basics, the advanced tutorials will show you how to add additional features to your page.

JoneSoft Short To Long Date Converter: "Useful for genealogists and the like, this small program will return the day of any event. Just enter the date in short format (ie 7/10/1825) and the program will tell you the day (ie Friday). Learn what day your 5th great-grandparents were married. NOTE: All calculations in this version are based on the Gregorian calendar.

Lava Lamp: This program is a Mathmos like lava lamp. Sitting on top of your desktop and bubbling in seven different colours.

Thumbnail Designer: The easiest way to design thumbnails. Easy to use.

Learn DHTML: A fantastic tutorial on DHTML, let's you learn it right from your desktop and you don't even have to go online to do it.

B/Works: is a tool for creating old fashioned B/W images, Sepia or Duo-tone colored images. As a special bonus there is also included a procedure to enhance sky - to create the powerful dark dramatic sky.

Website Backgrounds: Collection of 150 background images for your homepage together with an easy-to-use texture viewer. Simply choose the background you want and copy it's name or contents into your editor for use as homepage or desktop Background, texture etc. Cool and colorful background images! CD with 10.000 pictures available.(cd not free)

RGB Lights: Professional photographers knows that using an interesting light is the 80% of success. Now you can produce amazing close-up photography without using the expensive light equipment. All you need is a digital camera, tripod or stand, any small lamp and the RGB Lights software.

Photoshop Plug-in/2D HyperClouds: has five control variables: "Clouds size", "Levels", "Intensity", "Random PhaseI" and "Random PhaseII". It was designed to produce clouds and plasmas.

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Paint Shop Pro Tubes and Snowglobes

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