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Script by Jari Aarniala,

I have put two really great HTML editors on this page because I use them both. I can't decide which one is better. Maybe you should give them both a try and tell me which one you like better. ACE HTML Editor has lots of useful (and cool) features. As I began to learn javascript, this editor was invaluable. It also has DHTML help and more. Try it. You'll love it! But if space is a problem, Net HTML is a small program, also with a multitude of unique features. Personally, since I don't have to decide (they are both free, you see), then I've kept them both! As you scroll down, you'll no doubt notice that I have placed all the freeware in boxes labeled likewise. Please, if you find any broken links, e-mail me here promptly: Email me  


Net HTML Editor
The program is by Lefteris Haritou.
Visit him here.

Download Net HTML Editor here.

Freeware Downloads

Note Tab Light: Like Notepad but with multiple functions including clipboard and HTMl editing tools.

Tube-Ex: Converts PSP Tubes into PNG fornat which can be used with other applications. Use your tubes with other graphics editors now!

Speaking Clock: Neat little desktop utility. Announces time according to your settings, has alarm.

Good Keywords v1.1: Are you looking for ways to increase traffic to your website? Of course you are, and here is a useful tool for you!! If you are a web developer, you should know how your customers and website visitors use the search engines. For example, if you are a graphic designer it will be very useful to know what searches are being done by your potential target audience. This will allow you to find the best combination of keywords for your website.

ClearSkin FX-Graphics Editor: The purpose of the program CleanSkinFX is the most powerful automatic retouch for portraits. It smoothes the skin of the object while preserving all the details and crispness of hair, eyes or background. This procedure was exclusively developed by

Can't Hide v1.2: This application was developed as a tool for system administrators, corporate environments, or anyone that it would be beneficial to check for unauthorized software (including Trojans & Spyware) running in the "background" of the computer system. The software will give you the option of seeing the path of the software running and the option to unconditionally terminate it's activation.

Warning Banner Creator: Warning Banner Creator is a quick and dirty tool to develop Warning Banners. Research has shown that Warning Banners are the most effective static banners on the net. Therefore, if you need a good banner quickly, WBC will help you a lot.

Table Tutor v2.02: is an easy to use guide for making HTML tables for your web documents. Presented in HTML format, it will take you step by step through all the major table tags. This is the self-contained version of Table Tutor. Unzip into a new folder and start with index.htm.

Simple Submit Beta V 1.0: for Windows 95/98. Submit your site to more than 20 major search engines. SimpleSubmit is a free program which allows you to submit your Web site to major search engines and directories. All you have to do is enter some information about your site and with a few clicks, SimpleSubmit will automatically submit it.

Xenu Linkchecker: This is a very nice link-checking program. It can check a local copy of your site, or one on the net. Cna checks both "internal" and "external" links. Very convenient report - one well-organized HTML file with all the necessary information. You can set a number of treads used by the program.

Link Launch: lets you create dropdown menu list of URLs in your web pages. Unlike normal hypertext links on pages, dropdown lists conserve space and look visually appealing. Link*Launch is a Freeware and will not expire. You do not have to pay for and register this software. However, registering your E_mail address with WebGenie Software Pty Ltd. will ensure that you will be notified of Link*Launch enhancements as well as other new product announcements that may be of interest to you. Visit web site to register for free. Link Launch

Eyedropper: a nice little color picker. Gives out hex & RGB. Let's you focus in on any pixel to get the exact color from a web page or anything else you direct it at.

Color Picker:, If you're in need of a great little color picker, try this one. It's a very small file and pops up a little window to let you choose from all the web safe colors. It gives you the hex number when you point to the color!

Free Fonts for Download Here!

Paint Shop Pro Tubes

The Doll Garden
Cartoon Dolls for your site

Free Backgrounds

Free Animated Gifs

Free Banners!

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This is not a recommendation by us for this software.
I have used these places to download from with great success,
but as with any software, you must download it at your own risk.
Please take note that some of the software on these sites are
freeware, but some are shareware.

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