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Welcome all and a big thank you to Ulead for this beautiful image. While you're here view our sample pages (all listed below) and don't forget to check out our Special Effects Section. Also take a look at the software section for a couple of neat HTML Editors and other freeware.

If you have any questions or comments, drop us an e-mail or fill out our Feedback form here. Some of the pages below are web sites we have designed, others are samples. Designs are unlimited. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll send you a free estimate.

And even if you're not looking to have a web site built, don't be strangers. Bookmark us! We have a lot more to offer and plan on adding plenty more!  

The Doll Garden
Peronal and Business cartoon doll site we designed

The Hunter's Lodge and Directory
Sports Site we designed

Hog Eradicaters
Hunting Site we designed

Millennium Handyman Services
Another Business

Yes, we do Order Forms. You can view examples here.
And here.

You can visit these next four pages
--Pet Shop, Candy Shoppe, Furniture Store, and Flower Shop--
in frames here if you like or visit each
seperately by using the individual links below.

Visit our Sample Pet Shop and
get an idea for your own business.

Furniture Stores, among other businesses, can get their
businesses recognized or build their clientelle on the internet.
Marshall's Furniture Outlet Sample Page

Like to advertise your Flower Shop?
Check this page out!

The Candy Shoppe--Sample

Weather Page--sample

Irish Theme Site--Personal Web Site
with lots of information on Ireland

Check out the Lake Applet
Original designed by David Griffith-
and get the address for the tutorial

See a few of the SPECIAL EFFECTS that can be
added to your web site. Get the code for the
javascript on the author's website. The KIDS will have fun here!!
They can use the computer keyboard as a piano, play with
the X-Ball and ask it any question, get their horoscopes, and more.

Get your FREE Horoscopes here!
Find out what day you were born!

Writer's Resources
A business site that provides editing services.

The Sidhe News and Fun Center
Free Animated Gifs here!!

The Dragon's Lair

Virus Page--JAVA sample 




Learn HTML here!

Latest Internet News!

See our web-safe Color Chart
Get the Hex Code

Webmaster's Resources I
Webmasters Resources, News and Tips II

Get your free Domain Name here.

Freeware & Shareware Downloads

Looking for the Free HTML Editor? Well then, click here!

Paint Shop Pro Tubes

Free Fonts

Free Banners!

Free Backgrounds--page 1

More free backgrounds



Fantasy Artwork