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ello, my name is Debi and we are going to make a web page together. Here's just a bit of info to help you get started. To begin with, HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. A web page is nothing more than a file, a document or picture. Web pages have the file extension .html or .htm. So as you can see, making a web page is nothing to get nervous about. Once you decide where you want to build it -- Angelfire is a good place! -- then you simply sign up and take a look at your editor. Most places have help for newbies. Just as an example, Angelfire has its' Basic and Advanced Editors where you work on your page. Nothing scary about it; it's just another web page, so to speak, that you can write on and decorate. To get a look at what your page looks like as you're writing to it, check this out: Inside a Web Page

n the Basic Editor, there are boxes that you can select to help you pick background color, text color, link colors, and also a place where you can write in your main image, background image, decide if you want your e-mail shown or not, and more. Then there is a text area for you to get started on. If you make a mistake, no one is going to laugh or yell, unless your mistake happens to be in breaking one of the rules, like say, uploading porno or something and presenting it to the public on your web page. Then if you get caught, I'm sure someone would have a few words to say on it. Actually I wouldn't know since I've never done it. :)

nyway, to move on, in the Advanced Editor, you are on your own, but then you never have to go there if you don't want to. With other hosts, they may have drag and drop, where you simply move your pictures around manually, but then you wanted to learn HTML, right? Well, then let's do it the right way! From the beginning....

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