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Demonic Toys

Incantamentos Malevoli: The Warlock's Arsenal
An Hour in Hell
A warlock prolongs a sensation--painful, pleasurable or both for an endless moment, then amplifies it beyond the point of madness. A simple touch and invocation then the next sensation the Infernalist inflicts will echo within the subject's mind. The sensation will stay in the mind long after the touch is removed. Can last hours or days unless another powerful sensation overwhelms it.

Summoning the literal flames of Malefias, a Fallen One can weave a ball of flame that burns with unholy ferocity. Cannot be extinguished by normal means--it must consume its fuel source before it gutters out. A scalding green glob of hellish emphemera channeled directly from an Infernal Realm. When it hits flesh, it burns like normal fire, but cannot be soaked at all unless a victim knows pure healing. If a victim survives, his injuries take twice the usual time to heal and leaves scars.

Endless Parchment
A victim spread eagle for skinning, is prepared with unguents, incense and perfumed water. Minor demons are invoked and the victim is flayed alive. As the Infernalists peels skin away, new skin grows over the raw muscles, enabling the Fallen One to flay the victim over and over.

Satan's Song
By playing or singing in a suitable place (festival, party, Sabbat, graveyard), the Infernalist opens a channel for malefic forces. The effects build slowly, with the music, as the tempo increases and the song grows wilder shadows thicken, evil spirits drift in, and all the darkness passions of the audience are roused to a fever pitch. A really skillful singer can literally raise bones or corpses to join this danse macabre, ripping open graves and whipping the living and the dead into a demonic frenzy. Even after the song ends, the aura of wickness could persist for days.
This calls nearby demons to the song. Spins hallucinations through the audience and knocks their inhibitions out the door (isn't mind control per se, but it stirs up whatever lusts the listeners might have already felt).
The advanced version literally tears open graves and sets their contents to dancing. Demons with possession powers often "borrow" these whirling corpses.

Soul Cloak
Draws a false aura across the warlock's soul colors. A haze of kindly hue shimmers in the air around him, the true, sickly colors of his depraved soul remain hidden. Only a superior magus or one with True Faith can penetrate the disguise. An Infernalist must meditate upon the desired impression, weave designs in the air around him, and recite a prayer of innocence--backwards.

Witch Wind
A literally ill wind blows when a witch conjures this potent weavery. Tying a series of 13 knots in a hemp rope, she whispers curses and bad wishes, then dunks the rope in the blood of a black cat and three slain murderers. When the sorceress unties the knot, heavy winds blow up from the south. Soon storm clouds and lightning rake the land, washing it in sticky rain and clinging mud.
The people within the storm's fury begin to bicker, complain and fight. All their sinful thoughts begin to bubble and take over. When the sun breaks through, the poison inside has seared hearts. It doesn't compell anyone to perform atrocities, but most people seem only a step or two away from sin even on their best days. The storm merely unlocks what has been hidden and scatters it like leaves.

Storm of Crows
When a need for escape arises, an Infernalist can suddenly split into a flock of smaller animals--crows, rats, cats, even spiders or flies--and scatter. The warlock can see, hear, and act normally in many different places. If one of his manifestations is caught, he can make it crumple or disappear while returning his consciousness to the other "selves".
Requires some piece of the creature the Infernalist wants to become (rat skull, raven feather, etc.) A quick invocation triggers the change.

Crepundiae Gravis
Demonic Toys
This Talisman allows the Infernalist to see 360. Although not seeing in all directions at once, this will allow sensing someone coming up behind him.

Flying Unguent
A vile concoction of baby fat, herbs (belladonna, aconite, mandrake and others), water and often blood, this Unguent allows a sorceress to fly. Applied by moonlight (will not work during day), the foul smelling stuff works its way into the witch's pores and opens her senses to the Invisible World. Guided by visions, the Fallen One lifts into the air. By dawn, it fades.

Madness lies on each page of any grimoire worth the name. Some feature living diagrams, captured winds, and other uncanny phenomena. A person reading a grimoire is at the very least disturbed; one who actually understands it is a step or two closer to insanity. Any character can use a grimoire, but non-Infernalists are apt to be disturbed by what they read. These are regarded as a Library Background.

Akaa' Et Nuon Ta (Cry of the World) Rank 5
Incredibly obscure text translated into Akkadian, Greek and Latin. Vivid illustrations spring to "life" and enact dramas of unnerving perversity; if understood these shadow-plays reveal the successions of past worlds and the eventual fate of this one.

The Black Bible Rank 1
Anti-Christian text and inverted prayers.

The Black Book of Manu Rank 3
Esoteric Persian Litanies, passed down by Angra Manyu to the first magus and describing the enigma of the Absolute.

The Codex Licentia Rank 3
An elaborate Latin parable describing the Path of Screams.

The Greater Key of Solomon Rank 2-4 (depends on edition)
The essential text for summoning, warding against, and binding spirits of all temperments.

The Grimoire of Honorius Rank 3
A Christian catalogue of Fallen Angels and evil spirits, complete with "living" illustrations and instructions on how to raise and bind devils for one's bidding.

The Grimorium Verum ("True Grimoire") Rank 3
Detailed accounts of various demons, their provinces, and the rites to summon them.

The Lemegeton (The Lesser Key of Solomon) Rank 2-4 (depending on edition)
Complete descriptions of Judeo-Christian demons and angels and the rites for summoning them.

The Liber Labryinthus ("Book of the Labrinyth") Rank 5
A compendium of demented and obscene Wyrm-lore, including the names, correspondences and rites of the Urge-spirits of ultimate corruption.

Sebel-el-Mafouh Whash ("Path of the Voracious Beast") Rank 2-4
A description of Infernal servitors compiled with the eye toward fighting them, not joining them. The Second Key of Ablamerch Rank 4
Written by a Babylonian astrologer, this text explores the distant star-demons and their influence on the Earth.

The Six Seals of Ganzir Rank 4
Babylonian text translated into Latin and Arabic, this details six powerful demons and gives the rites for summoning, binding, and dismissing them. Often features six bound winds that turn the pages for you.

The Liber Spiritum (The Book of Spirits) Rank 1-5
Actually one of any number of unique books--every Liber Spiritum is unique, inscribed by a sorcerer through his life. Each left-hand page contains the name and seal of a particular spirit; each right-hand page features the summoning ritual for that spirit, and can be called whenever the reader desires.

Interesting equipment
The Black Cauldron
Cast from mysterious alloys (not true iron) and smelted with Aesfortedia, this gigantic pot is large enough to boil a man alive, yet light enough to be dragged around a single withered hag. The Black Cauldron remains cool to the touch. If emptied, this vat can even fly through the air carrying its owner.
With a snap of her fingers, the Cauldron can fill with water or empty itself into as many as 13 jars. The liquid simply flying through the air and pouring itself into the containers. Works only at night.

Demon Mask
A ceremonial mask that contains the essence of a cannibal demon. When the wearer performs the proper ritual, he becomes, in many ways, a channel for that evil spirit. After donning the Mask (often while crooning an eerie, wordless tribute to the darker forces), the Fallen begins to dance. As his steps grow wilder and wilder, the Mask melds with the wearer's face. Soon, his hands grow talons, his skin roughens like tree bark, and his intellect fades into a singular bloodlust. He will then tear into the nearest living thing. For the next hour or so, the Infernalist plays host to the cannibal spirit; when it fades, the spirit often leaves a scared pattern across the wearer's face.
Once the demon is awakened no force on earth can remove it from the wearer. When the spirit retires it leaves permanent disfigurements behind. Appearance drops to 0.
Elaborate jade disguises, skin-and-bone beast faces, theatrical masques are only a few of the possibilities.
(Infernalism:PoS 86-92)

Unholy Relics and Infernal Faith
Certain relics of infernal power have been created by dedicated Luciferians working with demonic artisans. The products of this unholy alchemy are varied and are guarded jealously by their owners. Some infernal objects are sentient - and it is not always clear who is master and who is servant. The most potent unholy relics are the Talons of Satan, supposedly the claws that were torn from the Dark One's fingers as he grabbed the Earth on his plunge into Hell. Infernalists say that there are five of these relics, one hidden on each of the known continents, and more in lands yet to be discovered. The Talons, if they could be found, would be relics of near-limitless power, allowing the wielder to reshape Europe and beyond. Luckily, they are all lost.
Many lesser relics exist, as do the charms and amulets of individual infernalists; these mystical talismans gift their users with powers equivalent to the lower levels of certain Disciplines, but often have corruptive side effects, sometimes inducing Supplicii in their owners.
(VDA COMP 166)