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Weapons Remodeling List

Weapon Remodeling List


Revolver: 6 Magic Stone Pieces, 2 Screws

Shear Trigger: 1 Steel Pipe, 4 Screws

Cutting Trigger: 1 Mesmerize Blade, 8 Screws

Flame Saber: 1 Betrayal Blade, 1 Turtle Shell, 4 Screws

Twin Lance: 1 Dino Bone, 2 Red Fangs, 12 Screws

Punishment: 1 Chef's Knife, 2 Star Fragments, 1 Turtle Shell, 8 Screws

Lion Heart: I get so much mail about this weapon! Here's the method --

1 Adamantine: Adamantoises found on Long Horn Island, north-west of

Dollet drop it occasionally.

4 Dragon Fangs: Blue Dragons on the Island Closest to Hell (western

-most island on Galbadian continent) drop it.

12 Pulse Ammo: Elnoyles found in Esthar Capital, after Lunar Cry event drop Energy Crystals at levels 40 and above. They're extremely rare. Use Ifrit's 'Refine Ammo' menu ability to refine 10 Pulse Ammo from 1 Energy Crystal.

I recommend you get Lion Heart in Disc Three, after receiving the

Ragnarok. Getting it any earlier than that might prove difficult,

even though it's still possible to do so; you'll simply have to play a lot of Card Battles to get the required raw materials.


Pinwheel: 3 Magic Stone Pieces

Valkyrie: 1 Shear Feather, 1 Magic Stone

Rising Sun: 1 Saw Blade, 8 Screws

Cardinal: 1 Cockatrice Pinion, 1 Mesmerize Blade, 1 Sharp Spike

Shooting Star: 2 Windmills, 1 Regen Ring, 1 Force Armlet, 2 Energy Crystals


Metal Knuckle: 1 Fish Fin, 4 Magic Stone Pieces

Maverick: 1 Dragon Fin, 1 Spider Web

Gauntlet: 1 Dragon Skin, 1 Fury Fragment

Ehrgeiz: 1 Adamantine, 4 Dragon Skins, 1 Fury Fragment


Chain Whip: 2 Magic Stone Pieces, 1 Spider Web

Slaying Tail: 2 Magic Stones, 1 Sharp Spike

Red Scorpion: 2 Ochu Tentacles, 2 Dragon Skins

Save the Queen: 2 Malboro Tentacles, 4 Sharp Spikes, 4 Energy Crystals


Valiant: 1 Steel Pipe, 4 Screws

Ulysses: 1 Steel Pipe, 1 Bomb Fragment, 2 Screws

Bismarck: 1 Steel Pipe, 4 Dynamo Stones, 8 Screws

Exeter: 2 Dino Bones, 1 Moon Stone, 2 Star Fragments, 18 Screws


Flail: 2 Magic Stone Pieces, 1 Bomb Fragment

Morning Star: 2 Steel Orbs, 3 Sharp Spikes

Crescent Wish: 1 Inferno Fang, 1 Life Ring, 4 Sharp Spikes

Strange Vision: 1 Adamantine, 3 Star Fragments, 2 Curse Spikes

You don't need Weapons Monthly magazines to remodel your weapons. Just the necessary raw materials and Gil will do.