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Final Fantasy Story

Squall attends a military school known as "Garden". The school is for children as young as six, up to young adults of 19. If a student doesn't pass an exam in their later years, however, they are expelled from the school. One skill that students learn at the school, in addition to combat skills, is magic. Magic is a hard skill to master in the world of FFVIII, and therefore only graduates of Garden are skilled enough to use it. The highest achieving students of Garden are eligible to join an elite forces group known as "SeeD". Squall is rumored to be an extremely apt student at Garden, and attempts to join SeeD. This, of course, all sounds a lot like the FF7 storyline revolving around Cloud's childhood dream to join SOLDIER. Apparently, the average person in FF8 doesn't know magic (unlike in, for example, FF7, where even some common people had materia). The game itself is based around two quests, two heroes, two worlds. At some point in the game, the two quests cross (one quest with Squall, the other with Laguna).

Field Graphics

When you are playing the game, all characters will appear on the field graphics, instead of just the one member who is leading the party. Characters will be considerably bigger than Final Fantasy 7's field characters.

Battle System Elements

New commands added to the Final Fantasy 8 battle system are said to make the battles even more outstanding than ever, and also intended to add more challenge to the game, as well as offering something fresh. The following commands have been added to the FF8


-DRAW - The Draw Command is how your characters will gain there magic skills. The magic isnt learned by Materia, or anything of that sort. Your characters must take the initiative to actually draw in opponent magic attacks before they are used. Once the magic is drawn can do one of two things:

-USE - After drawing the magic you can automatically use it to attack your opponent with.

-STOCK - lets you absorb a single magic attack from your enemy and stock it away for later use. Your stock will eventually grow into a great library of magical attacks, and...


Squall uses the Blade Combo, which may remind you of a Limit Break. Its a series of slashes, which if you hit the R button at a certain time, can top it all off with firing of the Gun portion of the blade.

Guardian Force or GF

The Guardian force is what will be the Summon Monsters of FF8. It's not entirely revealed exactly how the Guardian Force works, but the monsters you summon have the ability to Gain Experience, and with experience, gain more strength. Your characters, once again, do not use materia, or anything of that sort for using the Guardian Force. You Breed the monsters in a way, and they are called upon in battle. When the Monster is Summoned, it can absorb damage, or do other sorts of helpful tasks, but it is important that your Guardian's hit-points are at a high level.

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