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Side Quests

There is a Chocobo Forest Guide available now here.

Shumi Village
Available on Disc 2 When Garden Is Mobile
Easy difficulty, Fair Rewards
Unavailable on Disc 4

  1. Visit the Sculptors Workshop at the end of the village
  2. Speak with the Vilage Elder
  3. Assit the Scultor in the Workshop
  4. Revisit the Village Elder to get your reward
  5. Exit the village, and then go to the Workshop and talk to the Elder's Attendant
  6. Go to the Elder's house and talk to the Elder
  7. Talk to the Moomba outside of the Elder's house
  8. Follow the Moomba back to the Workshop and speak with the Elder's Assistant
  9. Go to the Elder's house and speak with the Elder
  10. Return to the Workshop and speak with the Attendant
  11. Step next door to the Artisan's house and speak with the Artisan
  12. Go to the Elder's house and talk to the Elder
  13. Travel to Fisherman's Horizon and speak to the Grease Monkey
  14. Return to Shumi Village and give the Moomba Doll to the Artisan
  15. Speak with the Eder to receive the Status Guard

Here are the locations of the stones you will need to find:
Blue Stone- To the left of the statue
Wind Stone- Head back towards the elevator and its to the left of the Hotel. Look at the large boulder and Squall will notice a breeze coming from the stone
Life Stone- In the tree roots to the right of the Elder's house Shadow Stone- Return to the surface with the elevator and go down the steps. Search to the right in a large shadow that overlaps the shadows cast by the dome overhead
Water Stone- In the Artisan's house
YOUR REWARD- A Phoenix Pinion which once you use a Phoenix will come to your rescue. Once it is used, it will randomly appear for the rest of the game when all of your party members are dead. Status Guard allows you to teach a GF ST-Def-J x4, which is awesome and can help protect you from status effects.

Winhill(Vase Quest)
Available on Disc 2 When Garden Is Mobile
Easy difficulty, Fair rewards
Unavailable on Disc 4
Visit the large mansion at the end of Winhill. The man inside will ask you to locate the vase pieces. Here are their locations:

YOUR REWARD- Holy Stone that casts holy, and Phonenix Pinion and Gysahl Greens from Crossing (see above)

Timber(Save The Girl)
Available on Disc 2 When Garden Is Mobile
Easy difficulty, Weak rewards
Unavailable on Disc 4
Go to Timber and save the girl from the oncoming train near the Dollet station.
YOUR REWARD- Free night stay at hotel that allows you to pick up a compy of Timber Maniacs in your room.

Available on Disc 2 When Garden Is Mobile
Easy difficulty, Fair rewards
Unavailable on Disc 4
Cool things to do in Dollet:

YOUR REWARD- see above

Deling City(Cards)
Available on Disc 2 When Garden Is Mobile
Easy difficulty, Fair rewards
Unavailable on Disc 4
Go to Rinoa's fathers house and play cards with General Calaway. You have to lose your Ifrit card to him, so when that is one of your random cards, lose intentionally. This may take a while, depending on your cards. When I did this I already had 5 hero cards, so it was hard to lose. Once you lose it to him, you can play him and he will use Rinoa's Card. Win it from him. If you want to get your Ifrit back, go to Fisherman's Horizon and play against Martine. He has lots of good cards, so be careful.

Alien Encounter
Available on Disc 3 With Ragnarok
Medium difficulty, Good rewards
Never Unavailable
You must find the aliens at four places:

When you go to these places, turn on Enc-None. Then when you get into battle the alien will flash by and then you go to the next stop. After seeing all four, go to the plateau just norht of Grandidi Fores'ts Chocobo Forest. You will encounter the alien, but you will fight it this time. Its easy.
Next go to the area where Balamb Garden used to be. You will encounter the alein PuPu. Feed it five elixirs and it will give you a card of itself. Then fight PuPu and win the Accelerator.
YOUR REWARD- Aegis Armlet which you can teach Eva-J ability to one of your GFs, PuPu Card, Accelerator which you can teach one of your GFs Auto-Haste with

Challenge CC Group Members
Available on Disc 3
Medium difficulty, Good rewards
Unavailable on Disc 4
First, you must make sure you have played a olot of cards at Balamb Garden. You can only challenge them if you are well know. You need to win about 15 games first. Here is each of the members and their locations (you must defeat them in this order, they get harder as you go on):

  1. Jack- Located in the hallway near the directory. Tends to enter from botton of the screen on either side of the divider. Has no rare cards.
  2. Club- Located in the hallway near the entrance to the Cafeteria. Appears randomly and is often hard to find. Has no rare cards.
  3. Diamond- Located in front of the directory. Have no rare cards (Diamond is actually two female students)
  4. Spade- Located on the second floor near the elevator. Is one of the two people who normally hang out there. Has no rare cards.
  5. Heart- Located on the bridge. It is Xu and she has the rare Carbuncle Card.
  6. Joker- Located inside the training center. Appears randomly. Has the rare Leviathan Card and will upgrade your Battle Meter to include GF info as well if you beat him. You can actually play him anytime after you beat Jack.
  7. King- Speak with Nida on the bridge and then go to the infirmary and challenge Dr. Kadowaki to a game. She suggests you go find King. Go take a nap in your room and King will appear while you are resting. King has the rare Gilgamesh Card.

YOUR REWARD- The rare Carbuncle, Leviathan, and Gilgamesh Cards.

Queen Of Cards
Available on Disc 3 (with Ragnarok)
Hard difficulty, Great rewards
Unavailable on Disc 4
At the beginning of the game, you can find the Queen Of Cards (QoC) in Balamb near Balamb Station. Once you either win/lose a rare card from/to her, she will give you a hint as to her next destination. She is in the following 8 places: Balamb, Shumi Village, Dollet, Deling City, Winhill, Esthar, Fisherman's Horizon, and Lunar Gate.

The quest begins in Dollet. When speaking normailly with her, you will notice a 4th option here "About your artist father," that you can select. When you chose this, she will ask you for the MiniMog Card. You must lose this card to her in a game. Then her father will create a new card that you can find elsewhere. After giving her that card she moves to another region. If you chase her around the world again until she gets back to Dollet, you can lose to her the next card she wants and so on until you get all of the rare cards. You can retreive any of these cards you lost fom her little brother in Dollet. He is the child living with the artist one screen down from the pub. As soon as you give any of the cards the QoC wants, they will be placed in the boy's inventory. Any other cards lost to her will be have to won back from her normally. Here are some things to help you out.
Queen Card SaysShe's Going To
GalbadiaThe Galbadia Hotel in Deling City
Fisherman's HorizonOn train tracks in Fisherman's Horizon
EstharPresidential Palace in Esthar
TrabiaHotel in Shumi Village
CentraHotel in Winhill
DolletPub in Dollet
BalambBalamb Station in Balamb
Far AwayLunar Gate's Concourse Area

Card GivenCard CreatedWhere to find New Card
MiniMogKirosDeling City (Man in black across from Junk Shop)
SacredIrvineFisherman's Horizon (Flo, wife of Mayor Dobe)
AlexanderDoomtrainTimber (Pub's owner behind right counter)
DoomtrainPhoenixEsthar (Presidential Assitant in blue in Palace)
ChicoboChubby ChicoboBalamb Garden (Student sitting on bench outside Library)

YOUR REWARD- The rare Kiros, Irvine, Phoenix, Chubby Chicobo, and Doomtrain Cards

Note: On Disc 4 you can play her and win all the cards you can win from doing this quest. But on Disc 4 it really serves no purpose except for card mod. It also takes all the fun and challenge out of it.