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Rare Card Locations

Level 5 Monster Cards

Name of the CardHow to Get ItWhat it gives you with Card Mod
PuPuWin: Complete 'UFO Sightings' side event in Disc Three. Encounter PuPu at Balamb region and give it 5 ElixirsMod1 Hungry Cookpot

Level 8 G.F Cards

Chubby Chocobo Win: Card Queen quest -- Student sitting on a bench outside Balamb Garden's LibraryMod: 100 LuvLuvGs
AngeloWin: Watts Mod: 100 Elixirs
Gilgamesh Win: CC Group quest -- CC Group King at Balamb Garden Dormitory or 3f Bridge Mod: 10 Holy Wars
MiniMog Win: Boy jogging around 1F Balamb Garden Mod: 100 Pet Houses
Chicobo Win: Complete 'Chocobo Forests' side event in Disc Two or Three Mod: 100 Gysahl Greens
Quezacotl Win: Mayor Dobe at Fishermans Horizon Mod: 100 Dynamo Stones
Shiva Win: Exchange 'Girl Next Door' magazine for free with Zone aboard White SeeD ship in Disc Three Mod: 100 North Winds
Ifrit Win: Defeat Fire Cavern's boss in Disc One Mod: 3 Elem Atks
Siren Win: Master Card Player at 2F Dollet Pub Mod: 3 Status Atks
Sacred Win: Defeat Brothers in Tomb of Unknown King Mod: 100 Dino Bones
Minotaur Win: Defeat Brothers in Tomb of Unknown King Mod: 10 Adamantines

Level 9 G.F Cards

Carbuncle Win: CC Group quest -- CC Group Heart at Balamb Garden 3F Bridge Mod: 3 Glow Curtains
Diablos Win: Summon Diablos using 'Magical Lamp' given by Cid in Disc One after Timber mission briefing and defeat DiablosMod: 100 Black Holes
Leviathan Win: CC Group quest -- CC Group Joker at Balamb Garden Training Center Mod: 3 Doc's Codes
OdinWin: Defeat Odin at Centra Ruins Mod: 100 Dead Spirits
PandemonaWin: Hotel Owner outside Balamb Hotel, after liberating Balamb City from Galbadia in Disc Two Mod: 100 Windmills
Cerberus Win: Defeat Cerberus at Galbadia Garden in Disc Two Mod: 100 Lightweights
AlexanderWin: Piet at Lunar Base or Escape Pod Crash Site in Disc Three Mod: 3 Moon Curtains
Phoenix Win: Card Queen quest -- Presidential Assistant in Esthar's Presidential Palace room Mod: 3 Phoenix Spirits
Bahamut Win: Defeat Bahamut at Deep Sea Research Center Mod: 100 Megalixirs
Doomtrain Win: Card Queen quest -- Aphora Pub owner in Timber Mod: 3 Status Guards
Eden Win: Defeat Ultima Weapon at Deep Sea DepositMod: 3 Monk's Codes

Level 10 Player Cards

WardWin: Dr. Odine at Esthar City in Disc Three Mod: 3 Gaea's Rings
Kiros Win: Card Queen quest -- Man in black at Deling City's Shopping Arcade Mod: 3 Accelerators
LagunaWin: Ellone at Lunar Base in Disc Three Mod: 100 Heroes
Selphie Win: Selphie's classmate near gargoyle statue in Trabia GardenMod: 3 Elem Guards
QuistisWin: Any member of the 'Trepies' in Balamb Garden -- the 2 girls in 2F classroom or wishful student at Cafeteria Mod: 3 Samantha Souls
Irvine Win: Card Queen quest -- Mayor Dobe's wife, Flo at Fishermans Horizon Mod: 3 Rocket Engines
Zell Win: Ma Dincht at Zell's house in Balamb City. Zell must be with you Mod: 3 Hyper Wrists
Rinoa Win: Lose Ifrit card to General Caraway, then win Rinoa's card. The lost Ifrit card is with Martine at Fishermans HorizonMod: 3 Magic Armlets
EdeaWin: Edea at Edea's Orphanage in Disc Three Mod: 3 Royal Crowns
Seifer Win: Cid at Balamb Garden in (Disc One and Two) or Edea's Orphanage in (Disc Three) Mod: 3 Diamond Armours
Squall Win: Laguna at Esthar's Presidential Palace or aboard Ragnarok in Disc Three Mod: 3 Three Stars

Assuming you've done the 'CC Group' side quest in Balamb Garden, the members of the CC Group will reappear aboard the Ragnarok in Disc Four; they should hold all the rare cards at this point.