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Welcome to Ferrari International!

News of the club:
  • Mar. 04: For the second day in a row, the Photo Album was updated. New photos were added to Ferrari 360 Modena and Ferrari F355 Spider.
  • Mar. 03: Today, the Photo Album was once again expanded. New photos were added of Ferrari 550 Maranello and Ferrari F50.
  • Mar. 02: Want to know what is expected of the club? The News for March has been updated.
  • Feb. 24: Our partner site, Online Studios has opened today! It features contests, top sites, and more! A must see!
  • Feb. 10: The Photo Album was updated once again. The new section of the Photo Album is Ferrari F50 which feautures exterior photos and interior photos. Next on the line is Ferrari 456M.
  • Jan. 21: Today marked the addition of another section to the Photo Album. The addition to the Photo Album are photos of Ferrari 550 Maranello and Ferrari 550 Maranello's Interior Photos.
  • Jan. 20: Many changes took place today in the club. First, the Links Section was updated. Second, the Photo Album was updated as well. The Photo Album now includes photos of Ferrari 360 Modena and Ferrari F355 Spider in addition to 2001 Autoshow. More photos will be added soon!
  • Jan. 13: One of the sections in the Photo Album opened up. The section is the 2001 Auto Show. Right now there are only a limited number of pictures there, but I think you should enjoy it. In a couple of weeks, the rest of the Photo Album will open up.
  • Jan. 08: Welcome back! The Photo Album is expected to open shortly, in about 1-2 weeks. A reminder- if you would like some of your pictures to appear there, mail them to Keep in mind that the pictures have to be less than 75K in size. All pictures larger than that will be ignored! Also, the Frequently Asked Questions will open up having answers to the types of questions that some of the people have been asking me lately. Due date: Jan. 19-21. Until then!
  • Jan. 01: Happy New Year everyone! May all your wishes come true in the new mellenium. Enjoy your New Year!! One of the gifts that Ferrari International has prepared for the new mellenium is the release of our Photo Album. Hopefully, it will be released Jan. 19-21. Have a good one & check back for updates!
  • Dec. 28: Once again, another page of the club has been redesigned. This time it is going to be the Photo Album. By the way, take a look at the bottom of the screen. New buttons were added there and throughout the history of this site, there are going to be more of them. If you would like to see your pictures in the member gallery, be sure to send them to
  • Dec. 27: Ferrari International is looking for pictures of Ferraris to place in the Ferrari gallery. The pictures can look like anything--interior, exterior, BUT they have to be Ferraris. It is not important if they are old or new. Send the pics to
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