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Sick and Perverted Quotes From My Friends and I

Muncie and I welcome you to some really nasty sayings!

Just a few quotes I've collected from my friends (. . . and a few others.) You'd be amazed at the stupid things we can say when we get together. And some of them weren't really meant to be as perverted as they sound . . . we just took them that way. ENJOY!

The music is "The Heat Is On In Saigon" from Miss Saigon.

"His banana just fell off!" ~ Jesakah

"Don't make fun of the way I eat my pickle!" ~ Whitney

"We can jam to anything." ~ Sarah

"Oh, this is so cold. It feels so good!" ~ Sarah, Whitney, AND Kelly (Isn't it weird how they all said the same thing at the same time?)

"Don't fall off you might hurt yourself." ~ Jesakah

"What were you all doing playing your instruments in the bathroom?" ~ Justin (to Renee & Whitney)

"I had it in me and I had to get it out."

"It's stuck in my head." ~ Jesakah

"They slither all the way down." ~ THE PHILLIPS (Adam Philips, our band's bari sax player)

"Oh boy, I get to use the red one!" ~ Kelly

"Where do I put it?" ~ Kelly

"I like to ride it!" ~ Jesakah

"I'm gonna have to try that one day!" ~ Whitney

"Frame it, love it, stroke it . . . whatever! Just don't gnaw on it!" ~ Kelly

"I have no balls!" ~ Charlotte

"She's running on empty!" ~ Christine

"Everyone gets an extra large!" ~ Jesakah

"The problem with Twizzlers is you get to many!" ~ Charlotte

"I like the word gay, it's nifty!" ~ Jesakah

"Whoa! That's a neat trick!" ~ Sarah

"I like for the whole thing to fit in my mouth!" ~ Jesakah

"This is weird 'cos it comes from the bottom." ~ Sarah

"It doesn't have to be kinky, it just has to be good." ~ Jesakah

"That's wishful thinking there." ~ Jesakah

"I can remind you tonight." ~ John

"Teeth, Smeeth. It's cold, I want it." ~ Brandon

"I'm just going to lick mine." ~ Sarah

"Stop blowing, you suck!" ~ Brandon

"This should hurt . . . but in a good way." ~ Andy

"Can you fit the whole thing in your mouth?" ~ John

"Those are cool! I hate those!" ~ Whitney

"I feel like an amoeba!" ~ Cameron

"Wow! Those ARE fresh!" ~ Jesakah

"You all are probably the hardest working bands I've worked with, you talk the most but you've really been out there humping your humps this week." ~ Shane

"Is it good? Are you enjoying it? Do you like it?" ~ John

"I'm going to go get my flute." ~ Kelly

"Was he invlvolved?" ~ Jesakah

"It might have just popped out of my pocket." ~ Kelly

"1, 2, 3, 4, It's not there anymore." ~ Christine

"It felt good for a brief second." ~ Jesakah

"Let's just all be cheesy!" ~ Brandon

"There's only certain spots." ~ Sarah

"Who is me? Is it you?" ~ Jason

"Oh no, his head fell off . . . he doesn't work." ~ Jason

"It's a one piece thing . . . it's like a sock." ~ Me

"Did you get on it?" ~ Whitney

"I like short men!" ~ Jesakah

"Push it in, it's flat!" ~ Sarah

"It could've been better but it didn't go that far." ~ Whitney

"I like to sing, but I don't like to sing songs." ~ Christine

"It felt so nice we did it twice." ~ Whitney

"I don't like to screw mine in." ~ Sarah

"I need to sit on something squishy." ~ Christine

"It makes a noise when you turn it on." ~ Kelly

"That was such a quote!" ~ Sarah

"Elaborate on EVERYONE, I like to know who is watching." ~ Brandon

"I hate being on wheels, everyone is moving me." ~ Christine

"I like whacking squirrels with my bazooka!" ~ Jesakah

"State Fair, The Corn Dog of NASCAR . . . get on the stick."

"I have a BIG one in my bag!" ~ Christine (BAND-AIDS)

"I have short and stubby ones, but I like long ones." ~ Jesakah (PONY TAILS)

"Justin, hop on!" ~ Sam

"Have you seen my bird? I can change the size of its pecker!" ~ John

"It was like I was in someone else's pants." ~ John

"I am always in someone else's pants." ~ John

"You can get hit hard in the dark." ~ Brandon

"I'm more horse than Mr. Ed!" ~ Me

"I have a shaky thing and I'm not afraid to use it!" ~ Kelly

"I woke up, I was no longer on State Street, the $20 was gone, and I had a belly full of cheap hootch!" ~ Me

"If anyone gets too close to me it's gonna go Wham! Right up your butt!" ~ Kelly

"Did you know 6 months is like half a year?" ~ Renee

"Push it in, pull it out. Push it in, pull it out. It's never enough for her, is it?" ~ Jesakah

"You're overblowing" ~ Mrs. Nelson

"Why are you two using the pole when you can use each other?" ~ Sam

"She sings better than me in the shower." ~ Nastassia

"I have a big persona." ~ Christine

"Did you take the top one out and put the bottom one out?" ~ Jesakah

"We're not #4, not #3, not #2, #1, We're #5!!!!" ~ Whitney

"I do it better the first time 'cos I get tired." ~ Sarah

"As long as you don't puncture my head." ~ Jesakah

"When a Man Loves A Woman, it's gotta be smooth." ~ Mr. Young

"Hey Josh! You know what they put in that chilli? . . . Dead Cow!" "Ew! Wait! You just made that sound bad!" ~ Jesakah's dad & Kelly

"Oh, So it's like miracle grow?" ~ Jesakah

"Go ahead and stuff it right in there." ~ Jesakah

"It hurts to lick that side of my mouth." ~ Sarah

"It gets skinny as it goes down." ~ Kelly

"If you put it in the right way, it usually works." ~ Cameron

"I have weenie breath!" ~ Kelly

"I don't have a floor at home." ~ Christine

"I've been stung by a wasp but not a bee." ~ Whitney

"I had a little too much Rebel last night." ~ Jesakah