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P.O. BOX 1972
DENTON, TX  76202
(940) 382-PETS (7387)
e-mail: Denton Humane Society

Click here for the Printable Foster Parent Information Sheet
Because the Denton Humane Society does not have a shelter, we rely solely on foster homes to care for our rescued animals.  In these private homes, they are nurtured and given veterinary care as well as socialization in the family environment. 

Reasons To Be A Foster Home

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get to choose my foster?  
        Yes.  DHS volunteers can help you find what you want to foster (cats, kittens, large dogs, small dogs, puppies, etc.) but the foster home chooses which animals to accept.  Once you accept a foster, however, you must commit to see him/her through to adoption.
  • What expenses are covered by DHS?
        Initial vaccinations, spay/neuter and deworming are paid for by DHS when the foster is taken to one of the vets who help support us.  DHS also provides food, booster vaccinations, cat litter, dog heartworm prevention, and flea/tick prevention as needed.  Donated supplies such as crates, collars and leashes, litter boxes, bowls, and toys are also usually available.  Mileage on your vehicle, when transporting your foster to vet appointments and home visits, is tax deductible.
  • What if I have questions or concerns about my foster?
          Each new foster home is mentored by an experienced foster.  This person will guide you through the foster and adoption process and help to answer your questions. 
  • How long will I have my foster?
        The short answer is, it depends.  Puppies and kittens tend to find homes faster than adult animals.  Small dogs tend to be adopted faster than large dogs.  On average, it takes a few months to place a foster, but with some animals, it can take a year or more.
  • Isn't it hard to give them up?
        Yes.  Seeing them with their new family, though, and knowing you made that joy and excitement possible, makes it all worthwhile.  And, of course, each one placed means another homeless dog or cat can now be saved!        
  • What happens if I want to keep my foster?
          Foster homes may adopt their foster animals just like any other adopter would.
  • I have other questions.  Is there someone I can talk to before completing the information sheet?
        Please direct your questions to

If you are interested in fostering, have a fenced yard (for dogs) and a HUGE heart, please print the attached, printer-friendly Foster Parent Information Sheet, fill out and return to Foster Parent Program, c/o DHS, P.O. Box 1972, Denton, TX  76202-1972. Or return the form via e-mail to You will find fostering a challenging but rewarding way to participate in the Denton Humane Society!