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[dream 7: vampire]





There is bright green grass all around and the entire area looks like a jungle.  My perspective is like an observer so Iím watching someone else slowly walking around, as if heís hunting something.  Then I see what looks like a distorted invisible form, like the Predator.  The hunter has a rifle but he isnít sure of what heís seeing so he moves around in front of the creature to see if itís really there.  The creature is moving slowly and when it gets to the hunter it steps right around him.  The hunter then takes aim and fires at the creature as itís walking away.  When it gets hit it starts to run but the hunter takes another shot and the creature falls down dead.  As itís lying in the grass, blue electric energy courses over itís body and it starts to become more visible.  The hunter cautiously steps toward it. There's a time lapse and then the hunter comes crashing through a wall of bushes, frantically trying to get away from something.  He turns and fire wildly into the bushes behind him.


I'm in the back seat of a station wagon with Samuel L Jackson and a woman in the front.  Itís snowing heavily outside.  Sammy is behind the wheel with the woman in the passenger side and weíre driving in a snowy wide open area.  At some point I realize weíre being chased by the invisible creature and that itís following far behind us on horseback (the horse is also invisible.)  We stop the car and Sammy and the woman climb a tree on a nearby snow covered hill so that theyíll be able to see the creature when it comes to within a mile.  Iím on the ground way out in front of the parked car and the hill.  Because Iím closer than the others, I see the creature coming through the snow first.  Electric energy is still coursing around it and the horse.  I turn and yell for the others to get back to the car.


Iím in a big cave with hideously bloated human and demonic faces carved into the back wall.  The faces almost look like theyíre alive.  The entire back of the cave if full from floor to ceiling with them and it looks like a temple or a shrine.  While Iím looking at the wall Iím attacked by a vampire who bites me on the right hand.  Heís wearing red and black and looks a clichť movie vampire.  Apparently I have powers because by concentrating I throw him across the room with my mind.  Then I look at the bite wounds on my hand and they heal instantly.


Iím naked in bed in the large bedroom of a 1 floor motel or cabin.  I know that Iím the manager/landlord of this motel.  I also know that I'm being hunted by vampires.  All the doors in the building look like theyíre loose or about to fall off the hinges.  The other bedrooms in the motel lead off of mine and the tenants that are checking in keep walking through my room to get to theirs.  I keep yelling at them to make sure they close and lock the outside doors behind them so the vampires donít get in but no one listens to me.  A woman walks in and tells me her washing machine is broken and wants me to come and fix it.  I see a car pull up through the blinds on my window and about 3 guys get out with dark shades on and slicked back hair.  I get out of bed as them come in and I know right away that theyíre vampires.  One of them pulls out a gun and fires three shots at me but I stop the bullets in mid-air with my mind.  By now I realize Iím in a dream and that no one can hurt me.  I wake up.




I can't believe Sammy L was in my dream.  I'm not worthy.  This dream might have something to do with the movie Planet of the Vampires that I saw at Blockbuster the other day.


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