03/27/03  What's a hangover?

Finally added all the new quotes to the personal quotes page.  And a new post in the journal.  It's too bright outside.  Someone turn down the sun.

03/01/03  Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man

I should get some sleep so I can get up bright and early to have my panic attack.  Enjoy the new quotes.

02/14/03  Happy Valentine's Day XOXO

You name it, I updated it.  You prolly won't notice though.  Browsing your website on another computer is a great way to catch pesky little problems.

02/05/03  Somebody's Heine' is crowdin my icebox

Put a link on the index page to the Bank Gothic Lt Bt font.  There are even instructions on how to add it.  Now you have no excuse for viewing a sucky webpage.  Except the usual ones.

02/05/03  Any the hits keep coming

Finally updated the ny pics page with all new pictures.  A few more additions to the profile, new quotes and added more mood options to the guestbook too.  I'm spent.

02/03/03  My so called what?

No real updates.  3 new journal entries.  I keep losing all the cool quotes that people have said over the last month or so.  Joe and Ash had awesome ones but I completely deleted the files by accident.

Actually, scratch what I just said.  I just added new stuff to the profile page and a new quote to the quotes page.   Suckerrrrrs!

12/08/02  I'm tired of getting older

A new quote or two for the page.  What are the odds that she's gonna call?  I'm on pins and needles man.

11/26/02 Your drug is a heartbreaker

Fancied up the products page.  Ok, now I'm ready for turkey.

11/24/02 A post before 12am?  How can this be?

Added the newest quotes to the personal quote page. 

This threatens to be a crowded, oppressive week until Thursday.  Sword of Omens give me strength.

11/17/02 What kind of sick mind would invent candy?

The profile page looks more organized now.  Also made my own webpage favorites icon with IconForge.  Just bookmark the splash or main page to see what it looks like.  Gotz me a new redirect link too:  clik.to/remix  

The only web address you'll ever need... um, for this page.

11/09/02 Caaaan youuu dig itttttttttt!

Possibly one of my biggest updates ever.  Added text links to all the zodiac pics on the astrology page.  Just like I promised.  Also added a whole new page of wallpaper for desktop usage, so go nutz.  Sorry if some of the source info is inaccurate or missing.  I haven't tracked down all the old sites I got em from yet.  Don't sue me.  I have NO money.

11/08/02 Glam Rock

In an effort to be less ambiguous, I've translated the former title of the page into the queen's english.  In other words, Nosium = Dragonfly and vice versa.  Ya get.  New splash page too.  Hope it doesn't suck too much.  ^_^

11/04/02 22 years, 11 months, 4 days, 3 hours, 24 minutes, 35 seconds and counting...

Tweaked some stuff.  Nothing worth noticing.  Yes, new quotes too.

10/30/02 Am i becoming institutionalized?

Perhaps if I'm really sincere this year the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch and bring me a young, crazy stripper wife... hmm.  Remember kiddies, the night before Halloween is mischief night.

Added a few new personal quotes to the page.

10/19/02 Quilted in darkness

New quotes everywhere, a new dream, and a new vent for those who follow my story.  I have got to be a masochist.

10/16/02 It never ends

Every time I return here I realize there is so much stuff still left to do.  So I started with a complete update of the quotes page.

10/16/02 Oops

Completely forgot that I updated the shoutoutz page a long time ago but never uploaded it to the site.  All fixed now.  There ya get.

10/13/02 Fearless

Boomtown is an awesome show.  Kind of like Go or Memento the series, only with cops and robbers.  Be sure to check it out.  

Anywho, I did some additions to the profile and links pages.  Hope you like.

10/02/02 The harmony of cow bells

Apparently my generic Chinese name is Kong Yinai.  Funny, I don't look like a Kong.

More good stuff on the profile and quotes 2 page.

09/30/02 Oh so very goth

It has come to my attention that the vast majority of you who view this site (that means both of you) probably don't have the BankGothic Lt BT font on which most of this site is based.  It's not a big deal, but if you really want to view this page as it's intended to be seen, get BankGothic Lt BT online somewhere.  It makes for much better eye candy.

Um... oh yeah, I updated the links page.

09/27/02 Good, you straddled it!

My Soil Mechanics Lab professor is a funny guy.  That's his quote up there.  Who would have thought the words straddle, blow and penetrate could be used so often in a non-sexual way during a soil lab.  More yummy quotes from people I know in the [quotes2] page.

09/27/02 Water hammer

Hired a new monkey for the wordizborn page.  Someone's bound to sue me if I keep using their web logos.  Now I'll take a shower and make cornbread for dinner.  Twas a good day.

09/15/02 Essential liquids

Updated the profile page.  Scanned pictures are kicking my ass, and thus are way behind schedule.  I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

09/09/02 I am an evil genius

Added a freakin tagboard to the journal page!  I'm so going to Disneyworld.  ^_^

08/27/02 The haircut makes the man

Updated the [disclaimer], which I forgot to do yesterday.  Now it's accurate.  Every time I read the disclaimer I wonder if that slogan at the end sounds arrogant or something.  And then I realized that no one visits this page so it's ok.  ^_^  lol

08/26/02 Flying monkey steals magic box

I went crazy today and made two new pages, [astrology] and [wordizborn].  The astrology page features some awesome images of the African zodiac, though they are a little hard to read.  I might put links to the same information in text form later on.  I've done enough stuff for today.  It's 11:32 & I haven't even had dinner yet.  Wordizborn links to bios of the fictional staff that will appear in the new editorial page.  I had so much fun making it.  The actual wordizborn page is going to be all about reviews of cool stuff.    Also added some new astrology info to the [profile] page and more personal quotes to [quotes2].  I think I'm falling in love with this stuff all over again.

08/22/02 Hell done gone and froze over

Yes, an update.  Who would have thunk it.  Put a few new quotes on the [quotes2] page and added some stuff to [profile].  I need to get a scanner or something.  Then I need to take lots of pictures.  I've been pretty good about writing in the journal over the last few days.  Read it, it's good stuff.

05/08/02 Exposure to his son may prevent burning

I saw that written on a church sign on my way to the Pinebrook Apts. the other day.  Pretty clever.  I updated [quotes2] and tinkered with some of the other pages.  Guess which ones and I'll give you a cookie.  Ok, it's [links] and [dreams].  I don't have any cookies.

05/06/02 Cats like me

Added Fashion Likes and Dislikes to the profile page.  Threw a number of new things in there actually.  Ginger tea is good.  You should drink it.

04/11/02 Lubrication theory

All is now ready.  Welcome to remix.

03/21/02 Hard luck woman

Cowboy Bebop is such a good anime series it makes me want to cry.  But anywho, I got my ass in gear and redid practically every page on this site.  I wanted a new feel but I loved my old stuff so I found a way to incorporate both.  Hope you like it.

03/20/02 Never knew till you were gone

This site is in various stages of disarray.  It should be back soon.  I'm not a webdesigner or anything.  I just try to make myself happy.  Here goes nuthin.

05/05/01 Girls in riot gear

Added a nifty new random quote generator to the Outset page.  I think it's pretty damn hot personally.  Wisdom comes in weird packages.

04/25/01 And the hat trick

This is the first time I've updated 3x in one day.  I added a brand spankin new 'Profile' page that summarizes all the personal info on Outset.  Ya gotta love that.

04/25/01 Everything floats

Redid the pets picture page in the memory of my cats.  Changed the links on Outset yet again.  People are always complaining about not being able to find stuff.  Hurray for efficiency... I guess.  That's it I think.  Call me if you find anything else.

04/25/01 What's this?!?!

Yes, an update.  I added more recent pics to the Sims page and played around with the look of the links on the Outset page.  I've been meaning to do it for a while, just haven't gotten around to it.  So there it is.  Bye now.

02/11/01 The undaunted wudan

I don't think I'll be updating the Sims page for a while.  Baldur's Gate has taken over my free time and with the new semester, that free time is in high demand.  Someone signed the old guestbook a few days ago.  Only the foolish think this website is still alive.  ^_^ It's time for a revamp.

11/28/00 Hunger 

Figured I might as well update the Sims page.  Nothing special, just picks of the new house.  That's it for a while.  Oh, and I guess now would be a good time to thank everyone for putting me over 100 hits.  I believe 120 is around where the number of new hits overpowers the refresh button.  I'm gonna get some sleep.

11/04/00 Fortified with vitamin funk

Got some pics up in the Sims photo album.  I'll even save you the trouble of finding it and give you a link right here.  Right now it's kind of a scattered mix between short story and a few Far Side-ish panels.  It's my first foray so be kind and I'll try to keep the inside jokes to a minimum.  The files are fairly big so maybe I'll remove old pics after a few weeks and pop new ones up.  Maybe keep 20 or so up at a time.  I haven't decided yet.  Um, what else... nope, nothing else.  Watch the West Wing.

11/03/00 You don't have to speak. I feel

Added some nifty rollover effects to the 'Outset' page and put in a link to the 'Products' page.  Added some new links to the Links page under CULTURE and HOMEPAGES.  Saw a kid with an Atari shirt yesterday.  Damn, you guys are awesome.

ADDED A SIMS PAGE BABY!!!  Check out my Sim family album under the <Drop by> link & be sure to come back after I get some nice pics in the photo album.

10/16/00 Shoes don't count

Redid the index page with nice little fish.  I don't know where this ocean theme came from originally but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I love my job.

7/31/00 3.14159265358979... faith in chaos

Added a new 'Vent' page just for my thoughts.  Since it's sort of an ongoing thing I'm not going to mention every time I update it here.  So put your John Hancock in the guestbook then go out and see Pi immediately.

7/24/00 Generic October

Fixed some links on the 'Outset' page and added 2 new ones to the links page.  Angelfire's Webshell wasn't working for a little while so I actually did this and the last update a couple of days ago.

7/23/00 Archrepresentationalist

Actually sat down and learned how to do frames today.  It's like the first real programming that I've learned from scratch.  Nice.  So I put it to good use and redid the 'Outset' page in frames.

7/21/00 What ever happened to whatshisname

You can see the bulk of what I've updated right on this page.  I guess that meditating wood guy is my mascot now.  I changed the title page so all the letters would be at least slightly visible on un-maximized screens but I must say the black and white letters were much cooler.  It's a sad world where creativity is hampered by functionality.

7/20/00 Wheelchair ramps, their insane danger

Did all sorts of crazy new stuff.  Changed the title page and redid the links page.  Also added some new links under CULTURE and GAMES.  Don't know how any of this stuff is going to look on non-Java supported browsers though.  And I just realized that the worst thing about losing Windows 2000 wasn't losing my games/wallpaper/programs, it was losing all my jiggy fonts.  The humanity of it all.

I just checked.  Both the java pages and the title page look messed up in Netscape.  Another casualty of progress.  Que lastima.

7/19/00 Poke and a smile

Added an 'Advocate' page link to the NLF 'Affiliate' page.  I'm trying a new java background thing.  Just learned how to do it.  Here's a scary thought: since we have to learn so much as kids, every year we get older we learn less on average than the year before.  What's learning Socio Anthropology compared to learning how to talk.  Don't know why I brought that up.  ^_^  Sign the guestbook on your way out.  Now git.

7/16/00 In and out of shadows

Changed all the pages from htm to html.  Took me forever to hunt down those evasive little links.  I plan on adding some new stuff to the NLF page soon so stay tuned.  I was going to add some more pics but I just got them back on Friday and only about half of them came out.  And CVS had the nerve to charge me full price.  I guess I should stop taking indoor pictures with a non-flash camera.  ^_^

"That's us, live and don't learn." -from Calvin and Hobbes

6/20/00 Cactus Juice is a strange thing

Windows 2000 was hampering my internet use for the summer, messing with my games and being generally uncooperative so I had to make it go away.  Unfortunately that meant I had to reformat my hard drive and start basically from scratch.  Now I'm back using Windows 98 and a few files I was able to salvage on disk.  I don't have the scanner I borrowed before  so I can only do text updates for a while.  I also just found out that my pictures look like unidentifiable blobs on AOL.  Yay.

I added a second section to the quotes page 'Muse' and tweaked some stuff on the intro page 'Outset'.  Enjoy.

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