Name: Ian

Nom de plume: Invsblhand - Eeyo - Iberg - Nestlequick - Denizen - Iron Chef Cornbread - Mr. Quick - Shailash - Fuzzy - Ion Man - Mastermind - Johnny Danger - Egon - Ivan - Mindgame42 - Moe Cain - Poison Snake - Skippy - Cockroach - South Logic - Promiscuous Protestah - Dan - Dave - Dick Shadowguy - Hard Malibu - Employee#14119 - Southside Slim


Wu-name: Bellowing Rap Machine

Pet name: Wooly Sheep

Poke'name: Charyu

Transformer name: Hot Rodimus

Porn star name: Brad Boink



Residence: Queens NY - Newark DE


Sex: male    

Age: 24

Race: black

Ethnicity: half Jamaican

Nationality: US citizen

Height: 5'11" 

Weight: 160lbs

Eye color: drk brwn

Handiness: righty


Birth date: Monday, December 16 1979 AD

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City

Rank:  2nd of 2 sons

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


Planet: Jupiter

African astrology sign: The Harvest In The Granary

Chinese astrology animal: earth goat

Egyptian astrology god: Osiris


Aztec astrology animal: the ocelot

Celtic astrology animal: black horse/raven

Indian astrology sign: The Dhamus - centaur/unicorn

Native American astrology animal: elk/owl

Time of Long Nights, Thunderbird/hawk Fire Clan



Element:   with   


Favorite number: 42

Lucky number: 6

Unlucky number: 23




Formal education:  Archbishop Molloy hs, University of Delaware

Informal education:  assorted books, television & radio, word of mouth 

Degree: bachelors of civil engineering


Occupation:  life insurance temp

Affiliation: Team DANG, BWW, The NLF




     Pets: cinnamon house cat

Cyber pets: neo-monkey, food demon



Ice cream flavors: mint cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, Cherry Garcia

Cereals: Apple Jacks, peanut butter Cap'n Crunch, Raisin Bran Crunch

Food style: Jamaican, Chinese, Mexican, Italian

Drinks: long island iced-tea, sorrell




Artists: Bjork, U2, Jadakiss, Jay Z, R. Kelly, Starsailor, The Cranberries, The Pillows, Kanye West, Avril Lavigne, T.R.U.T.H., Enya, Bush  

Soundtracks: Bandits, Black & White, Josie & The Pussycats, On The Ropes, Mi Vida Loca



Comedians: Lewis Black, Triumph the insult comic dog, George Carlin, Chris Rock, David Chappelle, Adam Carolla, Kathy Griffin, Dave Attell, David Allan Grier



Movies: Bandits, Heat, Memento, Seven Samurai, The Last Emperor, Slam, Black & White, The Warriors

Directors: Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Mann, John Woo, Luc Besson



Actors: Samuel L Jackson, Al Pacino, Edward Norton, Sidney Poitier, Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Charles S Dutton, Matt Damon



Television: Boomtown, Fastlane, Kingpin, Iron Chef, The American Family, The Cosby Show, Smallville, Junkyard Wars, Insomniac, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Trading Spaces, Sesame Street



Books: Black Boy, Contact, Brave New World, Waiting, She's Come Undone

Authors: Richard Wright, Stephen King, Nicholson Baker, Ha Jin, Erica Jong, Wally Lamb




Artists: Patrick Nagel, Simon Bisley, Julie Bell, Brom, Corey Lewis  

Cartoons: Dr Katz, Home Movies, MTV's Downtown, MTV Liquid Television, The Maxx, Family Dog, Reboot, Transformers, Talespin, Bionic 6, Visionaries

Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Fooly Cooly, Initial D, Blue Submarine No. 6, Tenchi Muyo, Giant Robo, Escaflowne, Sailor Moon, Yugioh, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Outlaw Star, Digimon 

Manga: You're Under Arrest, Dominion Tank Police



Video Games

Gameboy: Pokemon Crystal

Genesis: Shining Force

Superfamicom: Super Robot Wars 3

Playstation: Gran Turismo, Breath of Fire 4

PC: Homeworld, Majesty, Risk 2, Sims, 

Fallout Tactics, Submarine Titans



     Obscure dreams: pulling off the perfect jaywalk between East Delaware Ave and South College Ave, owning an art room full of wooden desk graffiti, driving a cow colored Lamborghini, being a famous archaeologist

     Aspirations: loving wife, 2 healthy kids, stable career, Juice Master



Fashion likes

Males: t-shirt over a t-shirt, Yankees' winter hats, Peanuts brand clothing, baggy sweatpants w/ big pockets, tropical Scarface style short-sleeve dress shirts, khaki pants w/ side loops Females: t-shirts w/ tiny writing on the front, black Sketchers style dress shoes, khaki cargo skirts, windpants, red sneakers, baseball caps, tattoos on the small of the back

Colognes: Classic Hugo Boss, Christine Darvin New Ego, Apollo Axe body spray


Fashion dislikes: flip flops, sunglasses, women's Timberland style boots, long fingernails, bubble goose jackets, frayed baseball caps



Fads: astrology, 

Gran Turismo, web polls & tests

Skills: cooking, writing, cleaning

Disabilities: driving, no knowledge of professional sports, procrastination


Strengths: patience, empathy

Weaknesses: custom cars, free food,

red sneakers, foreign girls

Charming habits: random flattery

Annoying habits: neat freakiness



Favorite places: Manhattan, Chinatown, Queens Blvd, Penn Station

Best invention: closed captions



Role models: dad, mom, grandmothers, Marilyn Vos Savant, George Carlin, Coolio, Dr. Drew Pinsky

Arch enemies: Captain Morgan, Don Rickles



Girl type: fashionably laid back, laughs easily, doesn't take life too seriously, enjoys long conversations about nothing in particular, likes to window shop, has lots of fun clothes and accessories, likes food and all things food related, plays video games with her little brother, reads cool books by authors I've never heard of, has an inviting smile, dances to the radio and totally thinks she's the bizzomb



Shopping style: liberal

Spending style: conservative

Fun style: anything goes