Katz n Kittenz


“There’s more to this world than just people you know.” –Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

These are my peoples, my friends, my kats.  I love these guys.  There’s nothing cuter than a cat sleeping.  If there is a heaven it would be a pretty weak place without pets and I sure wouldn’t want to go.




In Memorian...

This is Mouche (pronounced 'moosh'), by far the most beautiful animal I've ever seen.  A little while ago Mouche passed away after a long life of lying in the sun and chasing toy mice.  I'm really glad he was with us as long as he was and I'm glad I got to see him one last time before he left.  My favorite thing about Mouche were his eyes.  Jet black.  And no cat had more style than he did.  At dinner time when everyone else was eagerly dodging underfoot to be fed, he would just calmly walk over to his spot where his food was always placed and wait.  Pure class.  Here's to you Mouche Gato.






This is my cat Chucky aka Charles Wallace.  I do think he may be the only constant joy in my life.  As I grow older I realize he does too and I think it brings me closer to him every year.  I can't imagine the place without him there.  We got him from North Shore Animal League when we were still in grammar school and since then he's been an integral part of my childhood.  We've literally watched each other grow up.  Fond memories of Chucky include his unexplainable fixation with plastic bags and falling off the windowsill after chasing his tail around in circles.   





In Memorian...

And last but not least is Minou (pronounced ‘min-oo’) aka Min Min.  She passed away a little while ago during my spring break and I have to thank her for letting me see her again.  My favorite thing about Minou was her attitude.  One second she could be curled up in your lap, the next she could be on the floor chasing the other two cats.  Who would have thought cats could be jealous.  But if jealousy is one aspect then affection is another.  My fondest Minou moments were always in the mornings before class in high school.  I'd come down to tie my shoes on the steps and Minou would wake up to come over and rub her head against my hand, preventing me from doing a good job.  Things like that never get old.  I'll miss ya Meerkat.