Who Da Man


"Man, all my heroes get locked up."  –Brother Joe, NLF

These are some early pics from the NLF archives.  For more information on our mission statement go here.


Rumor had it that no one had seen Damon in a month full of Sundays so Michelle (left) and Monica dropped by the quad to catch up with him.  They managed to draw him out and we took a picture as proof.  Definitely a great opportunity to collectively chill during sophomore year.



You know you love the fro baby! Hahaha This was taken shortly after coming home from UD in 1999.  As you can see I hadn’t yet discovered that Delaware had places where black folk could get their hair cut.  What does this have to do with the NLF?  Um.... nothing baby, just feel the fro.



Here’s a group shot of the founding members of the NLF.  That’s me on the left, Brother Damon in the middle and Brother Joe on the right.  This was taken during sophomore year.  Back then our goals were towel hooks for the shower stalls and world domination.  We’re still working on the latter.



Damon holding it down with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for effect.  As life would have it, Brother Damon aka Boom aka Base has moved on and is pursuing his education at another institution.  His deep voice will be sorely missed.