Ginchy Kidz 


My squad is wild like the manimals on Geographic. PMD, Keep It Movin

Here are some assorted pics of the kids from the NY from back in the day.  Some of these are from our Great Adventures' trip.  Some are from my visit to the lovely SUNY Stony Brook campus.  All of them are quite old and I've caught no shortage of flak for not updating them.  Funny how I don't see anyone buying me a scanner though. ^_^



This is me and my boy Ashley from a couple years back.  Hes also my surrogate father.  Id have to say that hes done a pretty good job of raising me.  I know all about buying porn in Chinatown.  Hahaha, its a long story.  Ash is like one of the first two people I met in high school.


This is my boy John, the Croatian Sensation.  I knew this kat in high school.  Every time I saw him he had a story about something but he always seemed to sail through troubles.  I usually greeted John with something like Wassup John, black people, all for one baby! and then Id give him the brotha handshake and wed share a laugh.  If Id had an NLF back then John would have been in it.



Heres Mike.  I sat next to this kid for like 4 years in high school.  He owned a Pontiac and when it got banged up he went out and bought the same exact car!  Not only that but this kid drove like a damn maniac.  Hes the only person I know who accelerates into the corners.  And of course I was always got stuck riding in the 4inch backseat.  Otherwise hes a cool guy.  He even helped me out on the book that Im writing.


This is me in the front seat of The Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventures.  I thought Id record the moment for posterity.  Me and my boy Jon decided to hold out for the best seats and surprisingly the wait wasnt all that long.  Dont know who that kid in the back is.



Good times, good times.  From left to right we have: Jon, Jay, Dave, Jamaal, and me.  This was right after the National Honor Society induction ceremony in high school.  That was back when I was telling people that I had applied to SUNY Baltimore, Brooklyn Union and Zartanian college.  Heh.  I still hang out with most of these kats when Im in NY.  I'm now the only one without a license, which means Im not legally allowed to drive "the drug van" yet.

Dave, Ashley and Jon posing nicely for the camera.  Many an intended shopping day has turned into a playstation marathon at Daves house.  For the record Jon would have me tell you that he no longer looks like this. 


Candid photo of me and Dave going to class at the Stoned Brook.  He's all gra-jee-ated now.  I'm so proud.



This was from a Great Adventures trip a while ago.  We were in some really long line for a water ride I dont remember.  Left to right we have: Jon, Ashley, Sho, Jay and Andre.  I rode in Dres car on the way up and I was happy to be alive at this point.  Backseat no doubt. 



This is Jon picking up Ashley with Sho on the right.  This was also on our Six Flags trip 'many years ago'.  More fun than you can shake a stick at.