Ginchy Kidz 


“My squad is wild like the manimals on Geographic.” –PMD, ‘Keep It Movin’

Here are some assorted pics of the kids from the NY.  In the interest of loading time (for those of us with tortoise speed internet) I'll eventually make some of the pictures clickable to get to a larger image.  Newer pics are near the bottom.

Good times, good times.  From left to right we have: Jon, Jay, Dave, Jamaal, and me.  This was right after the National Honor Society induction ceremony in high school.  Way back when I was telling people that I had applied to SUNY Baltimore, Brooklyn Union and Zartanian college.  No, those are not real schools.

Candid photo of me and Dave going to class at the Stoned Brook.  I never attended SB.  I just like going to classes at random colleges.

This is my boy John S, the Croatian Sensation.  I usually greeted John with something like ‘Wassup John, black people, all for one baby!’ and then I’d give him the brotha handshake and we’d laugh.  No one knows where he is now.  He's prolly a soldier of fortune or sumthin.  

Grant Hill drinks Sprite.  This is the boy David on the balcony of his apt. in another pic from my first SUNY Stony Brook field trip.

On a later trip to Stony Brook, Jon and Malcolm accidentally stumble upon a Tyra Banks lingerie website while researching how to donate blood to needy 3rd world orphans who've been displaced by fire.... and nuns.  Yeah, that's it.

Dave and Jon score some eats at the SB food court.  I hear Dave wields considerable clout here.

Here's Mike at the Stoned Brook.  In high school I would have voted Mike most likely to put a "Driver Found" bumper sticker on his car.  Only person I knew who wore racing gloves while behind the wheel.  

Someone suggested I take this pic after the ticket machine ate Jon's money and wouldn't cough up a ticket.  How we laughed and laughed.

Dave's house at Stony Brook.  We goin Big Pimpin baby.  Combine 1 part pimp hat, 1 part pimp hair, 1 part pimp mustache, and 2 parts rum, shake and serve.  Let's go Yankees. 

I think at this point the alcohol was talking.  That's Jon and Dave seated with Ash wearing the pimp hair and doing an impression of... um... a mutual friend.  Tee hee.

Imbibery stage 2 at Dave's house.

And of course, the morning after.  Calcium may build strong bones but fried foods help us play.  L to R: Ash, Malcolm, Jon, Rose and Dave.

I got this pic of me and Sho from Ashley.  So titled "Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker".  I think it's from our 2000-01 New Year's ski trip.

Dave stuck between the mattresses, ski trip 2000.  I'm sure I have some more of these lying around.



Dave, Ashley and Jon posing nicely for the camera.  Many an intended shopping day has turned into a Playstation marathon at Dave’s house.

This is me and Ashley, my surrogate father.  I’d have to say that he’s done a pretty good job of raising me.  I know all about buying porn in Chinatown.  Hahaha.  Ash is like one of the first two kats I met in high school.

Ashley, Andre and Jay during the planning stage of our Six Flags Great Adventure trip.  We always meet at the park across from our old high school.  It's like neutral ground I guess.  Regardless, Dre wears his gang colors.  Joking.

This is Jon picking up Ashley with Sho on the right.  We're stopping off on our way to Six Flags.  More fun than you can shake a grown boy at.

I think we're waiting to get on the rafting ride at Six Flags.  L to R: Jon, Ashley, Sho, Jay and Andre.

Jon and I decided to hold out for the first seats on the Great American Scream Machine.  This is me right before we went over the top.  I don't know why I didn't think to shout "I'm the king of the world!"


I swear I look so cool in this picture.  Haha.  This is the on the log ride at Six Flags.

Probably one of the tightest group pictures I own.  This was taken at the beginning of our second Six Flags trip.  L to R: me, Jon, Dave, Ashley, Sean, and Sho.

This ladder thing is harder than it looks.  I have to assume that because after everyone else fell off I wasn't wastin my money to find out.  Jon's on the ropes, Sean's on the air mat, and Ash is probably still dizzy.

Jon does his MJ impression while Sean looks on.

We're all about the rafting.  Ashley, Jon, Sean and Sho on the high seas.

So after we got lost in New Jersey, and asked both a taxi driver and a police officer for directions, we found Jon's place at Pace U.  I think we even got carded for beer that night, at a supermarket no less.  L to R: Ashley, me, Jon and Dave. 

Ash and Gwen model for the camera.  Pace University.

Hardrocks baby.  Group pic from Solid Rock Climbing in NY 2002.  L to R: me, Jay, Dave, Sho and Ashley.