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I'm in the bedroom of an unfamiliar house.  It's night time and as I push open a set of large glass doors to get outside I see a wide open view of the square crops and hills of the countryside. From the hills and fields there are dozens of rockets being launched into the sky but they don't make any sound.  Everything is very quiet and there is no moon, just the smoke and flame of the rocket engines.  I find myself noticing how beautiful it looks.  All around me there are hundreds of people in massive lines, disappearing into underground fallout shelters.  I can see my brother and his girlfriend and my mother and my godmother in line.  I'm trying to keep everyone together but I lose sight of my godmother for a second and then I'm not sure which shelter she's gone into.  I'm shouting above the noise and then I wake up.



I was just amazed at how beautiful this dream was.  Kind of like a silent movie.  I've had daydreams about nuclear war before but nothing this peaceful.


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