You Don't Have to Go Home But...






What more relaxing way to spend an afternoon than to read about how you're astrologically disposed to be insanely wealthy someday.



In-depth astrology and horoscopes for free.  There's also a weekly, monthly and yearly forecast.  Actually there's all sorts of stuff to play with.  You can even get your own astrological birth chart wheel done.  It has the Sailor Scout symbols on it and everything.


[chinese astrology]

A nice little twist on traditional western astrology.  I like that it tends to be more candid than other readings.  Your zodiac sign corresponds to an animal and an element.  I'm an earth goat.  Jealous?



Feeling sluggish lately or having a mental drought.  Maybe it's just that time of the month, biorythmically speaking.  Put a date to your future physical, intellectual & emotional ups and downs with this quick and easy biorhythm chart.






Play a few holes of miniature golf on your computer.  Only the wonder of science could find a way to make a watered-down version of a professional pastime even more sedentary.



Get your own official wu-tangified alias with this name generator.  This is quite fun to do with a friend or two.  Wu am I?  Wu are you?



If your fortune isn't related to your zodiac sign then maybe it's related to your name.  Take this demonstration analysis and find out your hidden potential.  With this many choices, if your name's not here you don't exist.


[purity test]

Sometimes you've just gotta know.  This is my favorite purity test because it's so extensive.  If you've done even 90% of the stuff on this test then Rick James was singing about you in "Superfreak".


[death clock]

Kind of morbid really.  But in a fun way.  Plug in your stats and the clock tells you the exact date you're going to buy the farm.






If not for this site and a few boxes of Rice-A-Roni I would not be the Ironchef Cornbread I am today.  Input your ingredients, your cookware, what meal it's for and basically any other constraints into the search engine and it finds recipes just for you.






PC game demos for the games you love.  Consistent download availability makes this site a personal favorite.



Video game reviews, demos, and downloads for the computer.  Also reviews for practically every console system out there.  Check out the feature editorials.



This is where I get my fix.  Pokemon and Pokemon related whatnot.  Jump on the bandwagon buddy.



Like an orgasm in webpage form.  Here you'll find a review of every DragonBall game ever made for an entertainment system.  A must for any fan of the series.



I wish I'd known about this place a long time ago.  The online bible of role playing games.





[the Review]

The unshakeable voice of the University of Delaware student body.  Or sumthin.



Art.  Comics.  Design.  This kid is going places.



A slice of reality from a cute grrl with pink hair.  Blaze for president.



I don't know why it's taken me so long to link to this place.  But I figure it's best I get it done now before Snowman or Crazyman busts a cap in my punk @$$.






Buttlord is easily the funniest comic book spoof of Dragonball Z I've ever seen.  Granted it's also the only spoof of DBZ I've ever seen.



Online 'spark notes' for your educational needs.  The Spark's test & answer series to know thyself.  Offbeat articles in the Sparkives.  Funny?  Yeah.



Think of it as the fake news.  The guys at the onion take the basic premise of a newspaper and fill it out with wacky scenarios and inappropriate humor.  No 4 line description could do it justice.  The fake horoscopes alone make this site worth coming back to.


[sabrina online]

I'm not exactly sure if this falls under humor.  It's an online comic strip of the talking animal variety.  It's also kind of risqué so I don't recommend it for the kiddies.  Kind of like the "Baby Blues" cartoon on the Cartoon Network.



Flash cartoons that tell a story without the use of dialogue.  There's something about that Karma Ghost that keeps me coming back.






Living on a college campus is sometimes synonymous with being uninformed and apathetic.  There's no reason that should be the case.  Newspapers, news programs and the internet are great places to keep up on local and national events.  There's nothing like reading something and then seeing it on tv to make you feel like a part of the big cyber-circle of life.



I never really buy anything from here,  but with an extensive feedback system from countless consumers it's a good reference source for reviews of books, games, and other products that have been out for a while.



The World English dictionary from the Microsoft Network.  This site offers an online dictionary with voice samples for all the entries as well as an encyclopedia.  Excessively phat.


[merriam-webster onLine]

A collegiate dictionary and thesaurus for all you collegiate type people.






Probably my favorite site on the web.  See all the movie trailers and coming attractions that you missed in the theatres.



Movies of the independent variety for you to peruse at your leisure.  Here you can watch and rate excellent original films and parodies of box office hits made by the average Joe and Jane.  Live action, animation & stop motion.  Great for a rainy evening.



The internet movie database.  The Funk and Wagnalls of cinema.  That's like the Encyclopedia Brittanica for you youngins.






An really hot fan site of the Bandits movie with sample music.  It took me forever to find a good one that wasn't in German.


[black & white]

Soundtrack reviews and song samples of the movie phenomena that is Black & White.  This one requires real player.


[josie and the pussycats]

Here you can find 30 second song clips of the entire movie album.  That's almost 6 minutes to sing along to.  Break out your cat ears and tune in. 



Find the lyrics to that song you've been humming along to for the last couple weeks.  Then impress your friends.