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I'm in the parking lot of some store and I guess I've just done some girl a favor because she's thanking me. She invites me home to have dinner with her family. I certainly don't think the small favor warrants me having dinner with her family but she insists that her father likes when she brings guys home for dinner. I'm kind of worried about having dinner with a strange family but she seems nice so I agree to come. We get in her car and she starts driving.

I'm in a residence hall that looks familiar. Off the hallway are two rooms that only have 3 walls like cubicles. I look at the smaller one which is just slightly bigger than the bed that's in it and I say "Hey, that's a Rodney economy single." (referring to a type of room on campus that's very small and very cheap). The room next to it also has three walls and is about twice the size of the first room. I look at the first room again and say "No, that's half an economy single." There's a black guy in the bed of the second room and he starts talking to me about the living conditions in the room. There's a guy with an expensive black video camera next to me but he isn't filming anything. I can't really see his face. I ask him if he's doing a documentary on the conditions in the residence halls but he doesn't answer me. I get upset and ask him how he'd like it if I broke his thousand dollar camera. Somehow I think this causes an alien invasion. I'm not sure if the aliens see the video transmission or if the camera guy was an alien and sensed my hostility.

Someone shouts that the aliens are attacking. I run outside and everywhere I look I see people running and screaming. On top of everything I see those cone shaped flashing red lights that detectives put on the roof of their cars and somehow I know that everything that has a light on it is the target for an alien missile. The red lights are on buildings, cars, dogs, even on top of the running and screaming people's heads. I frantically search the top of my own head for a red light but don't find one. Someone yells "Get to the bomb shelter!" and I start running after someone who's heading towards a building. I get inside and start running up and down flights of stairs looking for the bomb shelter but every door I open leads back outside. I finally follow someone into the basement and crouch into a corner at the back of the room. There are about 4 other people there with me and other people keep coming in.  I look out through the window and see red streaks falling from the sky then I feel the impact of the missiles. I start shivering. A black woman comes through the double doors of the shelter and comes over to us. I'm worried that she might be carrying radiation poisoning with her. She crouches down a few feet from me and I see that her arms look like they're fizzing or something. The woman next to me is also fizzing and when she tries to touch me I shout at her to get away. She's trying to reassure me but I keep trying to reason with her that I'm worried about the radiation. Halfway between the back of the room and the doors the floor has started to bubble and fizz. A huge Zorak from Space Ghost Coast to Coast crashes through the doors laughing like a maniac. He's covered in large yellow thorns and he starts walking towards one of the people. He lifts him off the ground and punches him then moves on to the next closest person. He proceeds to punch and backhand everyone in the room. I know it's only a matter of time before he gets to me so I close my eyes and do the little trick I know that lets me wake up. I wake up.



I'm glad that wake-up trick still works after all these years.  This dream was kind of funny actually.  Like Mars Attacks.  But if I dream about nuclear destruction by missiles one more time I'm going to start building a bomb shelter.  


current interpretations:

1) I don't know what the missiles mean.  Maybe I fear death and my mind symbolizes death in the form of a nuclear missile attack so it's completely out of my control and I don't have to take responsibility for it.