[dream 1: gypsy]  [dream 2: nuclear war]  [dream 3: fleece]

[dream 4: subway]  [dream 5: hitman]  [dream 6: invasion]

[dream 7: vampire]





We're on the set of a movie and I'm seeing through the eyes of a little girl. She's in the drivers seat of a dimly lit parked car. To the right is another car and to the front and back are rows of cars in pairs like on a congested 2 lane highway. The other cars are empty. Through the passenger side window I can see the movie director standing on the far right. He's a middle-aged black man with a neatly cut beard. The little girl is crouched down low in the seat and when she glances back she notices a thin beam of red light, like a laser pointer. She can't see where it's coming from but somehow she knows it's a gun aiming for her. She turns back around and can see it in the rear-view mirror. She crouches lower to get away from it.

I'm in a grammar school. I'm not sure if it's mine or not. There's a little boy that everyone knows has special powers. A professional looking group of guys are trying to catch him. Some of them are wearing black suits. Some are wearing long black trench coats and hats. They're all standing together at the top of a flight of stairs in the school. I think the kid knows they want to keep him from using his power. He starts running up and down the halls with his arms out to his sides and a big smile on his face. Wherever he runs everything turns silver behind him and gold stars fly out from his body into the air.

There's an isolated building in the middle of a large grassy field. There aren't any rooms, just flights of gray concrete stairs and balconies. It looks like a level on a first person shooter video game. I'm in the building and I know the other people who are here. There's a guy called the Point-Blank Assassin who's from a online fan-based comic book I've read. There's also a black woman with short hair who I think is also a hitwoman. There's a little girl here too and I think I'm supposed to find and protect her. I'm jumping or floating up the floors and I see a shadow that might be the girl but it turns out to be the black woman. She doesn't come out of the shadows.

In the grassy field about 50 feet from the building Captain America is fighting some guy that looks like Brock Lesner from the WWF. The guy is wearing an orange and yellow costume and he keeps saying that the longer he's in the sunlight the stronger he'll get. He keeps getting bigger and more muscular and all Captain America can do is block the punches and kicks with his shield. 

The credits roll like I'm watching a movie. The characters from the dream are shown with the screen fading to black between each one. It shows a comic book picture of Spider-Man next to his name and fades to black. It shows the black woman (wearing purple lipstick) with some guy and fades to black. I think to myself that Spider-Man wasn't even in the dream.  I wake up.



The fight scene between the Captain and Brock was so badass.  It kept showing close-ups of Brock's reflection in the blue and red of the Captain's shield and when he punched it the surface would splinter in a spider web of cracks and then reseal itself.  Hard core, John Woo, Episode 1 type stuff.   


current interpretations:

1) The classic struggle between good and evil?  I don't know why this one was so child intensive.  Maybe it's a colorful blend of my current feelings on adulthood, splashed with 2 parts defensiveness, 1 part aggression and spiked with a random conversation about superheroes I had back in NY during spring break.