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[dream 7: vampire]





I'm standing on a corner in New York City. I think it's in the village (a shopping area) because I recognize a triangular shaped building on the corner. Suddenly there's an old woman there who looks like a gypsy. She's pointing at my right hand. She says "There's a stone in your palm". I look at my hand and there's nothing in it. She says "34 gold, in the shape of a heart" and I get a mental picture of gold but there's still nothing in my hand. I wake up.



This is a really short dream but I like it because it's simple and even after all this time it's incredibly clear in my head.  Numbers seem to pop up in my dreams all the time.


current interpretations:

1) The stone is another name for a football.  The stone in my hand alludes to a career in football where 34 gold is the name of my famous play.

2) The old woman represents someone who is very wise in my life, not necessarily an old woman, but an authority who is very wise in words, like a parent, a teacher or God.  The stone could represent my future.  Since it's in the shape of a heart, it's probably an opportunity in career or education or love from family, friendship or romantic love.  I haven't identified with this yet and they woman is trying to tell me it's right in the palm of my hand.