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now that that's out of the way...

Welcome back to nosium, or dragonfly remix for you new katz.  Here's the 10 cent tour.  The journal is back with all new random vents from yours truly.  Same old pics though.  That includes peeps, pets, and posse.  New photos as soon as I learn how to use a camera correctly.  I promise.  The profile has been updated to fit current trends.  Use contact and message to stay in touch.  New Links have been added in an attempt to keep up with the internet's random coolness.  As always, quotes are off the heezy for sheezy and now I've got wallpaper to funkify your desktop.  Updates may be few and far between but better late than never, right?  The editorial page wordizborn has just hit the ground running and check out dreams to learn how creative the brain can be on 4 hours of sleep.  Astrology is all about your African zodiac.  You've gotta luv it.  Products is back for another round of commercial fun and shoutoutz is pretty self-explanatory.  Feel more than free to sign the guestbook.  This site is only made possible by the support of people like you.  Um... yeah.

When in doubt, follow these simple guidelines: for what enlightens, thank me.  For what corrupts, blame me.  Everything else, ignore.  

Lata all you katz n kittenz.