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KOT Ranks

Paladin/Barbarian/Amazon/Necromancer/Sorcerer Ranks

  • Rank 0 Newbie: Points Required 0
  • Rank 1 Peasant:Points Required 100
  • Rank 2 Soldier:Points Required 300
  • Rank 3 Officer:Points Required 500
  • Rank 4 Major:Points Required 700
  • Rank 5 Advisor:Points Required 900
  • Rank 6 Cheif Advisor: Points Required 1250

  • Rank Meanings

  • Newbie=A new Guild/Clan member
  • Peasant=Higher than the rank of a Newbie(The Real First Rank)
  • Soldier=A Bounty Hunter who hunts down and collects the ears of the Pkks on the hitlist or collects ears from the clans we are at war with.
  • Officer=Commands all the lower ranks, Tells them what to do, Etc...
  • Major=Chooses our allies, declares wars, Chooses whom should be on the Hit List
  • Advisor=Helps out with the Webpage, gives Ideas to the Chief Advisor.
  • Chief Advisor=Helps out with everything, Gives ideas for the clan/webpage to the Clanmaster

  • How to get Points.

    You can get points by completing quests,Recruiting people, killing people on the Hitlist, giving "Good" Idea's to the Clanmaster (Only Advisors and Chief Advisors may do the Idea part). And I'm sure I'll think of more Ideas for the Rank/Point system, This isn't one of the best webpages I have seen but I did my best...I'll try to update it as soon as possible.

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