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KOT'S News

July 21, 2000

We are currently under Construction, there won't be any news for the next few days, The site won't be finished for a while , I'll get back to you...

August 1, 2000

!--=GRAND OPENING=--! The Site is open at last.Tournaments will be posted on the Tournament page, members will be pouring in..


August 2, 2000

First members are Lord_Nemo{KOTS}, and Biznitch{KotS}, We have declared war on Lin they do not yet have name tag.. like Hexon2_{Lin} they are normal players Trust no one they might be trying to find out some info or whatever, I do know one person who is in the clan his name is Hexon2 kill him on sight... Hunt him down while he is in games... First person to show me his ear will get 20 points. He hacks so.. becareful. I will update the page now if you need to know anything just let me know, you know where i'll be so.. cya for now.

August 3, 2000

I have set up the tournaments for Friday/Saturday/Sunday, feel free to look around to see what i've done to the page, if u need to talk to me i'll be in channel: Clan KotS Clan Meeting will be held on Friday 6:00 PM Eastern Time, if your not there I will take away 2 points from you.

August 5,2000

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