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The Earth2 Role Playing Game

Earth2 was a show that aired on NBC in 1994. Because of it's cancellation and cliff hanger ending, most fans were not satisfied with that as the end, I being one of them. Having realized there will not be a revival anytime soon, I created a role playing games for the Earth2 fans. A game that would pick up where the show dropped off and let us finish the journey that they never has the chance to.

The show began with a crash landing that left the characters, Eden Project, stranded on planet G889 - Earth2. The first thing the crew learned was they were not alone. Prisoners had been dumped on G889. Among those prisoners were murderers, thieves and rapists. Faced with this adversity as well as the realization that G889 had life of it's own (life that saw Human Beings as aliens) Eden Project traveled across lands and survived great trials towards their new home: New Pacifica, a water front land mass designated to be the start of a new colony.

The present plot line begins with Eden Project having recently arrived at their destination New Pacifica. Things should have become easier and yet, the colonists are finding life in New Pacifica is not perfect.... Buildings must be built from the ground up and most of the building material was lost in the crash landing. Children suffering from the rare syndrome disease are dying every day. And once more, Eden Project finds it is not alone on this planet...

Feel free to join us on our journey on Planet G889 by becoming a character or just reading along with us. Any questions? Just contact me at and I'd be glad to answer them or join in by going to




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