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Caught in the Act.

Under the cover of darkness, she cupped her mouth, lighting a thin cigarette. The flame highlighted the attractive features of her powder skinned face. She puffed, quietly inhaling the smoke and allowing it to evaporate throught her nose.

"That's a nasty habit, Tish." I said, silently walking from the shadows seemingly out of nowhere. Tish swung around, facing me as her long, dark red locks fell over her shoulders. She smiled and wrapped her arms around me.

"Since when are you one to talk of nasty habits, my pet?" She kissed me, taking my lower lip between her own. "It looks like rain. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Rain has never stopped us before." I drew back, and matched her grin. "If it comforts you, I can get my umbrella."

"No," she said. "Did you bring the item I requested?" I drew my arm up, blanket in hand. "Then let's get under way."

We followed the paved parking lot to a narrow path, kicking up loose dirt from both of our boots. I had to admit, she was a sight for my sore eyes. She was wearing a black skirt, cut just above her knees and a violet blouse that complimented her skirt quite nicely.

I had opted to wear my swingers-type clothes - white cotton tshirt, my black and white button down bowler shirt and black jeans, perfect to blend into the night.

We made it to the train tracks in no time. Ah, the infamous site. Tish looked at me and smiled. Our first encounter seemed so long ago. We continued our walk for about ten minutes and filled our time with some idle chitchat.

"So, how have you been, Boris?"

"I've been nothing since you went on vacation, chere. I longed to feel your touch the moment you left."

"How poetic, mon ami."

I smiled and made a mock gasp. "Tish, you spoke French."


"You know what that does to me."


I stopped mid-stride, grabbed her in my arms and began to kiss her hand, then her palm, and slowly moved up to her elbow.

"Alright, Romeo," she said, while giggling, "save it for our rendezvous."

I looked at her and grinned devilishly. We found another path on the opposite side of the tracks and followed it.

"How much longer? My feet are killing me."

"Not long at all. It's right about the bend." We finally arrived at our destination. I jumped over the low iron gate and helped her over. Personally, I had never been here, but a girl friend of mine had mentioned bringing her boyfriend here a few times recently. Upon hearing this, I discussed it with Tish as an alternative location besides either of our bedrooms. At first, she was a little hesitant. I don't blame her, but soon the deviancy of it grew on her, one of the many reasons why I fancied her so.

We looked around a few minutes, making sure that we were alone, despite the settling fog. We opted to put the blanket on one of the larger stones set into the ground. She hopped up on the flat surface and I had her make sure the cold didn't soak through the blanket. She shook her head that it didn't. I lowered myself and began to kiss her kneecaps. She ran her hands over my shaved head, stimulating what short stubble was left there and sending me into a small ecstasy. She knew how much I loved this and I could see her smiling in my mind. I made my way up her legs, kissing every inch of the way, kissing the inside of her thigh. I moved my hands up to her panties and immediately pulled them down and deposited them into my pocket. By now, she was breathing heavily and I could hear her whispering my name. I lifted both of her legs over my shoulders and she pushed my head into her lap. I began licking at her tender skin and I could hear her gasp muffled a little by her legs. I continued licking a rhythmic pattern into her wonderful clit. I could feel the cold air around me heat up as my cold cheeks thawed against her warm skin. Her hands followed my head as it bobbed between her legs. I felt her gasp as I realized an orgasm was in the midst. I heard her yell out my name very audibly. Apparently, someone else did as well.

"Who's out there?!? What's going on? I shot up, looked at Tish, who in turn looked at me with alarm. I turned around and saw in a small distance, amid the midnight fog, a flashlight roving around. We were lucky, for I assume the fog covered us from instant detection. I pulled Tish off the stone, grabbed the blanket and we made off in the opposite direction, running as quick as possible. We got to the gate and I could hear a train coming soon.

"We might not make it out this way, Boris." Tish made a good point. I supplied a possible alternative.

"Follow me." We made a semi-circle around the graveyard, sticking to the cover of the tombstones and keeping an eye on where I last saw the flashlight. Luckily, we made it towards the front gate after a few minutes of weaving around the stones and made it up and over. We ran all the way to the main street and slowed when we were sure we got away without being followed. It wasn't odd for Main Street to be empty at an hour like this.

"Well, that was a bit of excitement. haha." I looked up into Tish's smiling face. "What?" She pulled me into the alley as we passed it and grabbing the collar of my shirt, kissed me passionately, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues met and we mingled each other's saliva. She parted the kiss and suggested we moved farther into lightless alley to escape detection should the police cruise by. Our eyes became adjusted to the dark and thankfully, this time we were alone. We embraced again, letting our lips lock again. I wrapped the blanket around her and slowly let my hands move down the side of her body and pulling up the back of her skirt, grabbed her ass. Her hands found the zipper of my pants and she pulled it down after unfastening the top button. She raised one leg to my midsection and pushed down my pants a little, exposing my cock to the cold chill air. Looking down, she smiled and took it in her hand and stroked it slowly. I let out a gasp from her touch and then little sighs as I grew harder in her hand. She wrapped her other arm around my shoulder and whispered "Ready? I nodded in silent agreement. She kind of jumped a little into me as my hands took most of her weight, but I didn't falter, using the wall as leverage. She guided my cock into her wetness and quickly wrapped her arm around my neck and interlocked her arms into place and pinned her legs around my midsection. It was a little cumbersome at first, as my muscles strained just a lit, but the sheer excitement of being in her was enough for me to find the strength. She rested her chin onto my shoulder as I slowly grinded into her. She let out little moans into my ear, another turn-on for me, as I began to develop a rhythm. My pants and boxers fell to the ground but I didn't stop. I increased in speed, grinding into her and my breathing became irregular and I began to make tiny little grunts of pleasure. After a few minutes of panting and moaning, I could feel my first orgasm of the night beginning and I could hear her whispering that she was having one as well at the moment. This got me excited and I increased in speed after mine was finished. I began to pound into my beloved, not willing to walk away with only one moment of pleasure. She was breathing very audibly now, as was I, and we weren't aboug to stop, not even for the end of the world. I could feel my next orgasm coming and I let her know. She raised her head and looked into my eyes smiling.

"I want you to look into my eyes when you come again." I was happy to oblige. I had done this before, and to my surprise, this simple gesture had intensified her orgasm. I let go of any inhibitions and let my passion for and pleasure of her known, breathing very heavily and moaning quite vocally as my orgasm reached its peak, our eyes maintaining contact. This in turn led her to have an instant orgasm and she screamed out my name. We kissed very passionately, very deep for a very long time. I came to a halt after a few minutes of slowing down my grinding pace. I set her down, as she dismounted me, and I pulled up my pants and fastened them. She folded the blanket, handed it to me and I handed back her panties.

"I almost forgot I had them." We both laughed a little and embraced, holding each other. After venturing back out into the street, I took her hand in mine and we made way back to my house to sleep the rest of the night away.

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