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Brookside Lions Club
Where the money goes

With the funds we raise, we provide the following community services:
Eyeglasses for the area needy
Eye exams for the area needy
Collection of used eyeglasses
Leader dogs for the blind
Loan of hospital equipment
Scholarship Fund
Sponsorship of 5 boys and girls to summer camp
Support for community youth groups--little leagues, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.
Community food baskets for the needy
Financial assistance for needy people in the community

In addition to the above, we donate money to:
Campaign Sight First
DE Association for the Blind
DE Special Olympics
Eye foundation of DE Valley
Lions International Foundations
Leader Dogs for the Blind

To Contact Us:

By mail:
Brookside Lions Club
390 East Chestnut Hill Road
Newark, DE  19713

By E-mail:
Brookside Lions Club

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