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****** Ghillie Suite Rangers Head Quarters** Special Operations Command*** Covert Strike Force RB6 ------------------------------------------------------- *Here at the *GSR*'s zone we get preety high speed so try and hang on. My name is Command Chief.SilentSniper and Im the Commander of this high speed tactical strike force and I would like to welcome you to the *GSR* Head Quaters. Let me point out to you that the Nova world gaming system is hard to master and there can only be one top dog squad and if you dont know who that is I've got a 12&1/2 jungle boot to stick up your !@#@#$#@!! ------------------------------------------------------- Home Page Search: Out of Print Search Page **Hey WONDERING WHY THEIRS ALL THE BARNS AND NOBLE STUFF ALL OVER THE PLACE. WELL ITS TO RASIE MONEY FOR THE NEW CONTEST. IF UNUFF OF YOU GUYS CLICK THE LINKS OR BANNERS I GET MONEY TO BUY THE DF2 GAME WHICH IVE BOUGHT. ILL GIVE THE GAME AWAY FREEE1 TO THE ONE WHO CLICKS THE MOST. AND BARNS AND NOBBLE WILL GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL. SO CLK AWAY!!!!

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