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Desert Moon Cha Cha (Couples Version)
Choreographed by Jim Krywko, J-Team Dancers
Description: 32 count partner/circle dance
Position: (1) Begin both partners facing outside the circle with the man behind the woman, right's at her hip and left's out to the left pointing to LOD. (2) During section 2, both partners will turn a 1/4 turn to left and then the man will be to the woman's left, right hands will be on her right hip and left hands will be in front of the man's left shoulder. Lady will execute a left underarm turn, turn towards the man, on 7&8. (3) Left arms remained joined, rock left-right-left, lift lefts over the man's head & rock right-left-right, bring left back over the man's head during 1/4 turn right [optionally do claps instead of arm movements as in line dance version] (4) Right hand returns to woman's hip for rock steps, then left hand travels over the woman's head during the first Step-Turn and then over the man's head during the second turn. Making a 1/4 turn to right to get back into starting position facing outside the circle & begin again.
Music: "I Just Want To Dance With You" by George Strait; "Tell Me Ma-Radio Mix" by Sham Rock
Counts Step Descriptions
1-2 Step left foot left, step right behind left
3&4 Side shuffle left- left-right-left
5 Step right behind left
6&7 Side shuffle left- left-right-left
8 Step right behind left
1 While turning 1/4 turn to left,step forward on left
2 Rock back on right
3&4 Shuffle back on left left-right-left
5-6 Rock back on right, rock forward on left
7&8 Shuffle forward on right right-left-right
  LADY: Execute a left under-arm turn on 7&8 releasing the right hands and using the lefts for balance.
While turning 1/4 turn to right,
1 Rock side-left with left
2 Rock side-right with right
3 Rock side-left with left
4 While turning 1/2 turn to left, hitch right
5 Rock side-right with right
6 Rock side-left with left
7 Rock side-right with right
8 While turning 1/4 turn to right, hitch left
1-2 Rock forward on left foot, rock back center on right
3-4 Rock back on left foot, rock back center on right
5-6 Step forward on left foot, while pivoting 1/2 turn right land on right
7-8 Step forward on left foot, while pivoting 3/4 turn right land on right
Ending: The song will enter the third set of 8 at the end and simply rock side-left(1), rock right-left-right(2&3) to end the dance.

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