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Brushin' The Hardwood
Choreographed by Jim & Julie Krywko
Description: 32 count mixer dance
Position: Dancers begin facing each other, men's right hand to lady's left and men's left hand to lady's right Dancers are in a circle, men facing away from center.
Music: "Old Pop In An Oak" by Rednex; "Rodeo Rock" by Jimmy Collins; "If Wishes Were Horses" by Kimber Clayton
Counts Step Descriptions
1-2 Step left to left, cross right behind left, (release forward hand)
3-4 1/4 turn left while stepping forward on left, scuff right foot forward
5-6 Cross right foot over left, scuff right foot forward
7&8 Shuffle right forward right-left-right
On 1/4 turn release forward hand and go into side-by-side position, now facing LOD
1&2 Shuffle left forward left-right-left
3-4 Tap right heel forward, cross right foot over left
5-6 Tap right heel forward, step right foot in place
7-8 Tap left toe to left, tap left toe to partner's right in front
Release hands on toe taps
1-2 Step left to left side while turning 1/4 turn left, touch right next to left and clap
3-4 Step right to right while turning 1/4 turn left, touch left next to right and clap
5-6 Step left to left side while turning 1/4 turn left, touch right next to left and clap
7-8 Step right foot forward, touch left next to right and slap
Step away from each other. On return, men stagger yourself so you are in between your current partner and one lady back. Clap on first three touch steps. Slap partners hands on fourth (softly) by clapping the left of current partner and the right of new partner. These are the ladies you are in between. The 1/4 turns are not in stone. You are making a complete turn so you are then facing the women.
1&2 Shuffle left forward left-right-left (passing new lady on your right)
3 Rock forward & to the right, on right foot, turn slightly left
4 Step back on left, with new lady on your left
5&6 Shuffle right back right-left-right, (passing new lady on your left)
7 Rock back & to the left, on left foot
8 Step forward on right foot joining hands of new partner
In this section you are using the shuffle & rock step pattern to circle your new partner. During the shuffles cross in between ladies and with final rock step position yourself with your new partner one lady back. Join hands facing outside of the circle.

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