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Choreographer/Instructor Larry Bass
Choreographer/Instructor Bill Bader and Michele Perone - CLDE
Choreographer/Instructor "KOOL" Country Productions - Joanne Brady
Choreographer/Instructor Kathy Hunyadi
Choreographer/Instructor Chris Hodgson
Choreographer/Instructor Debra "Hot Pepper" Siquieros
Choreographer/Instructor JG2 Jim Gregory (also Pedro Machado)
Choreographer/Instructor Michael John - United Kingdom
Choreographer/Instructor Evelyn Khinoo
Choreographer/Instructor Jim "Jimbo" Krywko
Choreographer/Instructor Pedro Machado
Choreographer/Instructor Hedy McAdams
Choreographer/Instructor Max Perry Productions
Choreographer/Instructor Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry
Choreographer/Instructor Knox Rhine's Line Dances
Choreographer/Instructor Vicki Rader's Dance Steps
Choreographer/Instructor Hillbilly Rick
Choreographer/Instructor John "Dangerous" Robinson
Choreographer/Instructor Kathy Sharpe
Choreographer/Instructor Stephen "Razor Sharp" Sunter
Choreographer/Instructor Jo Thompson
Choreographer/Instructor Tony Wanko

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+A+ Music Superstore -- Mass Music
AB's Stompers
Aberdeen Country and Western Web Site
Absolutely Country, United Kingdom
Acme/Dan Post Boots
The Aerobics Dictionary!
Aggie Wranglers - Texas A&M University Demo Team
Albuquerque Swing & Country Dance Club
American Country Music French Offical Site
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)
Appalachian Clogging, Square Dancing & Old-Time Music
Arizona Dancers Home Page
Atlanta Dance Junction
Austin USENET Guide to Country and Western Dancing
Australian Artists Online - Greg's Music World
Australian Artists Online - Greg's Music World
Australian Line & Country Dancing Subscription Page

BBB [ Return to menu ]
The B. Murray Agency
Back Porch Country Show - On Line
Bakersfield Swing Bash
Barry Durand's Home Page
Betty B's Bungalow,
Bettys Western Wear
Big Guy's Home Page
The Bill Lancaster Line Dance Page
Bill Lancaster
Billboard Country Charts
Blakelys Country Western Nightclub
Blockbuster's Entertainment Store
Bonnie's Home Page
Boot Gang Dancers
Boot Gang Dancers and Pure Country Mobile DJ Service
Bootmoves Home Page
Boots 'n' Spurs - Line Dancing with Tammy Wyatt
Boots 'n' Spurs
BOOTSCOOTERS Country Western Linedancing and More
Bootscooters of America, Ltd
Bootscooters Dance Hall - George & Shirley's
Boot Scootin' Dance Co
CW Dancing w-Bill & April Bragg
Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)
Bronco Bill's Bandits
Bronco Jim's Home Page
Brown Cactus Star - Don and Patti
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Home Page

CCC [ Return to menu ]
The Cadillac Ranch - Connecticut's Nashville Showcase
The Canadian Country Music Pool
Canadian Cowboy Net
The Canadian Top 10 With Corey Tremere
Cajun/Zydeco Music & Dance
Campfire C&W Mail List Subscribe Page
Capitol Records, Nashville
Carlton Home Entertainment
The Carrousel Dance Hall/Tavern
CD Magic - for CD Repairs
CDNOW Home Page
CD Plus Compact Disc Catalogue
CD-ROM's In The Microwave (such as MACARENA)
CD Universe - Buy Music CDs Online
Welcome to CD UNIVERSE
The Cheap Seats
Chris Hodgson - Choreographer/Instructor
Central Ontario Dancing - Tom Brook
Cheers Bar and Grill Dancing
Cheers Bar and Grill Dance Lessons
Chris Brocklesby's Wickedwest
Christopher's Line Dancing Page
Chuck Pritchard-C BAR T-
Cimarron Country Dancers
Cindy Truelove
City Nights Dance Club
Classic Country Dancing
The Clogging Home Page
Club Danse QUÉBEC
Club Dance
Colorado Cafe Home Page
Compact Disk Connection
Country and Western Dancing in the U.K.
Country Western Dancing in the UK
Country and Western Dancing with Debbie and Jeff
Country and Western Dansen in Nederland
Country Barn Mall - Directory of Vendors
Country Calendar Newspaper for Country Western Dancers
Country Club Enterprizes
The Country Club Mailing List Website
Country Connection
Country Cool
Country Connection DJ Services and Dance Instruction
Country Dance America Cyberzine
Country Dance News (Dutch)
Country Dance Steps
Country Dance and Song Society Webserver
Country Dance News - from the Netherlands
Country Dance Web Sites
Country Dancing In Northern Nevada
Country Dancers' Network
Country Western Dance Team Network
Country Dancers Northwest Homepage
Country Grapevine
Country Homepage in Japan
Country Images Show (no frames)
Country Images Show (using frames)
Country Joe's Home Page - Australia
Country Line Web Site
Country Line Dance Instuction Books and Videos
Country Music News Canada
Country Music 101
Country Music Television - CMT Canada
Country Music Fans' Hall of Fame
Country Music Northern Ontario
Country Music Web (from Canada)
Country Pride Dance Club
Country Programmers Association Belgium
Country Rock Cafe
Country Scraps
Country Singles Online
Country Stage Productions
Country Standard Time Electronic Magazine
Country Spirit
Country Time
Country Wave Magazine Canada's Premiere Country Music Magazine
Country Weekly Magazine
Country Western Clothing Catalogue
Country Western Connections
Country Western Dancing in Alberta, Canada
Country Western Dance Clubs of Florida
Country Western Dance Library - Updates and Index
Country Western Dance Team Network/Dance Team Showdown
Country Western Dance with Lee and Susan
Country Western Dancing in Southeastern Wisconsin
The Country & Western Mall
Country Western Style Dance Center
Country Western "Teenager" Dance Pages
Country Western Dance International CWDI
Country Works
County Line
Cowboy Country Club
Cowboys-Quebec Inc (French & English)
Cowichan Goes Country
The Great G-W-C Website by Gary Cox
Crazy Horse Saloon Dancers of Fresno, Ca.
Country FM 91.4 - The Cream of Country Music in New Zealand
Bob & Deb Crews Canadian CW Site
cwdancer's Bootscooting Web Pages
CW-Dancing in the Washington - Baltimore Area
CWDD - Country Western Dancing Information Database
CW Renegade
Cyber-Country Magazine

DDD [ Return to menu ]
Dance - the dance figure database
DanceNet - Internet-server for competitive Dance Sport
Dance Links Of Victor Eijkhout
The Dance Dance Dance Home Page - Jamie and Gail Arias
Dancin' Around, in Ocala, Florida ]
Dance Art Home Page
Dance Card, The
Dance Cards Magazine
Dance Clipart Links
Dance Colorado
Dance Jobs Home Page
Dance Junction
Dance Link
Danceman's Home Page
Dance Michigan
DanceNet on the Web: Swing Dancing in Boston
Dance Schools Home Page
Dance Teachers On-Line(dtol)
Dance Team Showdown
Dance Vision USA
Danceweb UK
Dance West Home Page
Dance Vibrations - Jenifer Reaume
Danceaway Information Center
Dancin', Country Style with Dan and Sharon
Dancin' Country Style
Dancing Deep In The Heart of Texas
Dancin jims Home Page And DANCE LINKS
Dancin' Down Under
Dancing Shoes - Alberta, Canada
Dancing in Ottawa and The Valley
Danstar Productions - Jason and Deby Booth
DanzCo Ltd.
Dark Horse Ranch
Dave's Country Western Dance Page
David & Karen's Line Dancing Page
David McDonagh's Top Ten
David Woodward Web Site
The Dayton Twosteppers
DCDanceNet - Washington, DC, USA
The Dean Brothers Deansville Home Page
Debbie's Round-Up Home Page
Denim, Boots and Good Times Your Country Dancin' Newsletter
Desert Sands Dance Festival
Diamonds In the Rough
Ton van Dieren's Line Dancing Site - Netherlands
The Dixie Dance Kings Country Division
DJ Chat
DJ Information and bpm counting software
Don Chesshir Productions - Dancing in Dallas
DOUBLE H Western Wear Home Page
Drysdales Western Wear
DSDF - Desert Sands - Las Vegas Country Western Dance Festival
Dutch Haagsche Countryline Dancer
Dwayne Tulik's Home Page

EEE [ Return to menu ]
Encyclopedia of Country Dance
ETV Network Music and Ambient Videos
The European World Wide Web Dance Server
Evenin' Star Pro Dance Boots

FFF [ Return to menu ]
5-6-7-8 Dance!
Fashions by She'La
5-6-7-8 For Today's Social Dance Scene
Flame Dance, with instructors Tab and Trena Kamali
The Canisteo Flamekickers
Footloose Step Sheets
Four Left Feet Partner County Western Dance Page
It's A Beast - Rob Fowler's Web Site
Frank & Carole's Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Review
Frank's Country Dance Page
Frequently Asked Questions about Rec.Arts.Dance
French Country Western Dance Association
Fresno Home Page - Home of the Country Dance Classic
Frontier Western Shop
Fun Country Dance Circuit Home Page

GGG [ Return to menu ]
G & J Country Dancers
German Country & Western Dance Association
GEMM Music Service
GlenMar Farms
Globusplatten Versandhandels GmbH (site in German)
Good Ol' Country and Eastern
Gopher site for CW-dance dance steps
Gottadance Dance Club
Grant Austin's Dance Connection
The Great Lakes Team Roundup - June 1999

HHH [ Return to menu ]
Happy Country Dancin' in Japan
Harpe's Dance Professionals
Lana Harvey>
Havelock Country Jamboree
Heart of Country: Ardi Lawrence Home Page
Heartland Line Dances
Heartland Couples Dances
Hedy McAdams Home Page
Henry's Dance Hotlist
Heroes and Villains
Hillbilly Rick Online
Hilperton Hillbillies Line Dance Archives
The HOLE-IN-THE-WALL GANG, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Home for Country Western Dance and Dancers
Home Of The Bootscooter]
Home Page of Club El Dorado
Home for Country Western Dance and Dancers
Honkytonk Jukebox - Europe
Honkytonk Jukebox - Outside Europe
Honky Tonkers Dance Club - Little Rock, Arkansas
HONKY TONKS Guide to Country Dancin and Romancin'
Honky Tonk Stompers
The Honky Tonk Stompers
Honky Tonkin' USA
Honky Tonkin Canada
Hopping Mad - Alameda County Library Public Station
Hot Hits Inc.
Hot Pepper's Country Dance Site

III [ Return to menu ]
I Love Music - Phil Seyer's Web Site
Images In Motion
The Information Super Dance Floor Step Descriptions
Information Super Dance Floor
In The Swing Magazine
Index of /pub/dance/CW-dance/dancesteps
Index of Dance Related Clip Art
The Information Super Dance Floor

JJJ [ Return to menu ]
J&C Dance
Jack & Mary Jane's Country Dance Club
Janet's Rocky Mountain Home Page
J-Team Dancers Home Page
Jack & Mary Jane's Country Dance Club
Janet's Country-Western Dance Hall
Janet's Dance Floor Etiquette
Jacquet Sounds
Jeanette O'Keeffe - Country Recording Artist
jg2 Country
JG2's Homepage
Jim Hart's Net Parlour (includes a dance page)
Jo Thompson's Dancelink
Julie's Country & Bluegrass Views
Just Dancin'

KKK [ Return to menu ]
K Country Distributors
Kansas City Swing Dance Club
Ken Brewster's Web Page
Ken's Country & Western Web Site, Aberdeen Scotland
Ken's Country and Western Clipart
Kickin' Country
Kickit Step Sheet Archive
Kickn' It Up A Little
Kickin' It Up A Little - Bettie-Jeanne & Crew
Michelle Kinkaid's West Coast Swing Dances and Classes
Knox Rhine's Web Site
Koboy du Nord - Country Line Dancing in the Ottawa Valley
KOOL Country Productions with Joanne Brady
Kwik-Step Production

LLL [ Return to menu ]
LadyRen's Line Dance Site
Lana Harvey's Home Page
Larry & Laurie Sepulvado's Step'n Style Page
Lead and Follow Discussion (FTP site)
Learn 2 Dance 4 Fun with David Serfling
Learn To Dance With Dave and Nance
Lee & Susan's Country Western Dance Page
Let's Dance - Index of Dance Related Clip Art
Let's Dance
Let's Dance (German)
Liam's Linedancing Page
Liberty's Dance Group
Linda B. Productions
Lindberg, Scott & Cheryl
Linedancer Magazine (UK)
Linedance in the UK with Michael John
THE LINE & COUNTRY & WESTERN DANCE & MUSIC FAQ Version 11.0, February 18, 1997
Line and Partner Dance Newsboard
Line Dance Crazy
Line Dance Fever CD Collections
Line Dance Fun
The Line Dance Renegades
Line Dancing with Hubert & Monique
Linedancing in the UK with Michael John
Line Dancing with Lynne and the Grapevine Connection
Little Bit of Texas & Dance Corral Publications
Little Dog Records - Independant Alternative Music (incl. Country)
Live On The Net
Live To
Livin' Country
Lonestar Dance Co.
Long Island Country Dance Connection
Long Island Country Music Association
The Lone Star Country Line Dancers
Lowery Music/Southern Tracks Records Homepage]
Lucky Luke

MMM [ Return to menu ]
Marietta Dancers
Marrietta Dancers
Mark and Wendy's Home Page - Australia
Max Perry Productions
Memphis Music
Michael and Ann Repko
Michelle's Swing Dance
Midland Mavericks Step Sheets
Karl Morini's Dance Site
Gloria Johnson's and Dusty Miller
Miller Creek - A Country Place to Visit!
Misty's Home Page
Mobile Beat - The DJ Magazine
Moon Mist Studio
Movin' To Music with Anita McNab
Music and Dance Productions Home Page Deb Ramsey and Wesley Boz
Music Boulevard (album charts)
Music City News magazine
Music Man Oldies
Musician's Gigfinder(tm) International Exchange
Mustang and Boots, DANCE ON! Entertainment

NNN [ Return to menu ]
Nancy's Petticoat Junction
Nasville Boot Company
Nashville Entertainment Association
Nashville North, Norval, Ontario
Nashville Online
National Online Music Alliance
"Calamity" Jane Newhard
New York Metropolitan Country Music Association
NCB and DME Top 50 Crossover Hit Music
NebraskaLand Days
New Country Canada
New Country Magazine
New York CD Blues
New Zealand Line Dances
Country Western Dance from North Carolina
North Country Dance Productions
North Johnston High School's Home For Country
Northwest Dance Center

OOO [ Return to menu ]
Oakley's Official Home Page
Oklahoma Traditional Country Dance Association
Online Country
The Outlaws - Country Western Dancers and Entertainers
OVCDC - THE Country Dance Club in Ottawa and the Valley
OzCaity's Home Page
Dancing Down Under in Australia, the land of OZ

PPP [ Return to menu ]
Parish Country
Parish Country
Philip & Bev Osmond's Dance Page
Pine Scooters
The Posse
Prairie Dogs C&W Line Dance Club

QQQ [ Return to menu ]
QuickSilver Dancers - Austin, Texas

RRR [ Return to menu ]
Radio Etc
Ramblers Ranch
Rambler's Ranch
Rambl'n Country - Chuck & Linda Babli
Raper's Dance Corner
Fred Rapoport'S Encyclopedia of Country Music and Dance.
Rate-A-Record Home Page
Ray & Barbara's Place Out West
Rebel Rousers W.D.C. Homepage
The Redneck Home Page
Red Hot Country Magazine
Michael & Ann Repko's - One Step At A Time
Rhythms of Pride
Rican's Home Page (Hawaii)
Rick Tippe's Home Page
Ripete Records
River City Dance Festival
Riverside Classic Dance Festival
Rockabilly Central
Rockabilly Hall Of Fame
Rockin' Ranch
Rocking D Dancers Homepage
Rocking Horse Saloon, MA
Rockin' Ranch County and Western Dance Hall
Dancin' Country Style with Dan and Sharon Ross
Rotations - The Ultimate CD Compilation Resource
The Roughstock Network

SSS [ Return to menu ]
Sandi Brooks Steppin' Inta Country Line Dancin'
San Diego Cajun/Zydeco Web Page
SBT Country Western Website Directory
Sactman John
Scism's Sidekickers Country Dance Page
Scooter Lee - Performer
Scott and Cheryl Lindberg's Home Page
SESAC Web Site
Shadow Dancing Productions
SHAGatlanta's Dance Server
Sheplers Western Wear
Shut Up and Dance!
Sicotas Country Jumpstation
Silverados Inc. Western Wear
The Single Dance Partners' Network
SiteZero - Australia's Finest CD Music & Cult Video Site
Skippy Blair's Website
Slappin Leather Line Dance - Megan Boxwell
Social Dancer's Society- International
South Australia...on Line Dancing
South Bay Country Dancers Home Page
South Bay Dance Fling (12th Annual)
South Bay Country Dancers
Southern Country Express
Southern Country Express
Spinning Spurs Dance Club
The Spirit of Tamworth - Country Music and Line Dancing News Updates
Spokane Country Kickers
Square Dancing and Line Dancing Deep in the Heart of Texas
Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation
Stallion Dance Productions
Step Into Country Line Dance Site (Australia)
Step Into Country
Steps and Sounds
Step 'N Style
Steppin' Inta Country Line Dancin' - Tampa Bay Style
Stretching and Flexibility FAQ
Strictly Western
Stomp Music, UK
Sundance Dance Club
SuperDance! - The Positive Christian C&W Dance Web Site
Laurie and Larry Sepulvado
Swing N Country Dance Club
Syracuse Swing Dance Society

TTT [ Return to menu ]
T.S. Wranglers - Country Dance Instructors Home Page
Tallahassee Country
Forever Tango Links
Second Annual Tarheel Dance Classic
Tease Inc's Homepage
Tease Inc. Homepage
Tempo Dancing Tables
Texas Elite Dance Club Home Page
Texas Hoe Down with Jerry and Virginia Rainey ]
Theresa's Guide to Two-steppin'
Thu Luu's Ballroom and Country Dance Studio Homepage
Timeline Country Western Magazine
The Toronto Swing Dance Society (TSDS)
The Toronto Swing Dance Society (TSDS)
Toe The lIne Dancers
Today's Country Online, from Craven A
The Tombstone Troopers
Top 35 New Country Countdown
The Tractors Web Site
Daniel Trenner - The Bridge to the Tango
Tri-Valley Western Dancers Calendar (San Franciso Area)
Cindy Truelove
Turn On To Country!
Two-Steppin' Boston
Two Steppin' & Honky Tonkin'
Two Left Feet - Stephen Wofford's Web Site

UUU [ Return to menu ]
UK Line Dancing with Heroes and Villains
The Ultimate Country Dance Hall List
CW Dance Association from the UK
U.K. Choreographed Dances
Ultimate Dance Hall List
United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC)
The US Swing Dance Server Home Page

VVV [ Return to menu ]
Vancouver Country Western Line Dance Exchange
Line Dancing In Vermont
Vicki Rader's Country Line Dancing
Victor Eijkhout's Dance Video Reviews
Victoria Line Dance Cooperative
The Vineyard Stampede
Virtual Horse Graphics - free Horse and Equestrian Graphics

WWW [ Return to menu ]
Little Bit Of Texas - Dennis & Carol Waite
Wanna Dance Records - Swingin The Blues
Wanna Dance Records
Waygo Dance Studios
Way Out West
Country DJ Services around the Washington, DC area
Wayne Allen's Links
Wedding Song Library
Welcome To Wil's WWW Dance Source
West Coast SwingAmerica
Western Creations Dance Video Instruction
Western Dancers of Finland This page is in Finnish!
Western Dancers of Finland English Version
Western Dancers
Western Express Magazine
Western Line Dance Headquarters
Western Ranch Cowboy Boots
Western Square Dancing
Western Wear Shopping Mall
What's New in Country by Dawn
Chris Brocklesby's Wickedwest
Wickedwest - Newly Added Dances
Wildwest's Country Roundup
Wild Eagle Line Dancers
Wild Wild West
Wild Willy's Home Page
Wil's World Home Page, from Florida
Winner's Circle Bootscooters
Wolverine Silverspur Dancers
World of Country Western Dancing in Southeastern Wisconsin, The
World Wide Dance
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Dance
92.5 WXTU - Philadelphia's Country Station

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XOOM's Free Clip Art Library

YYY [ Return to menu ]
Lyn Yost's International Dance Connection
Your Country Home

ZZZ [ Return to menu ]

NUMBERS [ Return to menu ]
5-6-7-8 DANCE!